1-800-Flowers Vase Expressions, Perfect for Mother’s Day – $50 GC Giveaway

It’s that time again. The time of year when we should all get down on our hands and knees and thank our poor mothers for putting up with us and not giving up on us before we reached adulthood and realized that they were right and we were wrong. The time that we ourselves as mothers should be showered with praise and presents for just one day. Hey, having someone do the dishes for us doesn’t hurt either. If you are still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift though, look no further than the new Vase Expressions bouquets from 1-800-Flowers.com. These bouquets mix a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a memory that any mom will cherish!

1-800-Flowers.com Vase Expressions

Starting at only $49.99, the new Vase Expressions bouquets are personalized with your own family photo along with a special message such as “I love you mom.” Not only are these great for Mother’s Day, but they would make the perfect gift regardless of the holiday. The process is simple. You just upload a photo and personalized message, choose your favorite fresh flowers and great the perfect arrangement.

The recipient will receive the beautifully boxed display in a waterproof vase with your image on it. Even after the flowers are long gone, the vase will remain as a personalized gift that can be used time and again.

Our Take

I received a beautiful Vase Expressions bouquet complete with a stunning arrangement of tulips. I was really impressed with the way the flowers were boxed and delivered. Nothing was out of place, the flowers were not wilted and they were really well secured. It is always exciting to get flowers if you are a woman and opening that purple box was so much fun.

The vase itself is simple, but what really gives it the wow factor is the personalized image and message printed on the waterproof sleeve inside. The picture was great quality and I love that it is on a waterproof sleeve and not actually the vase itself. This way if the vase happens to break, the sleeve will be able to be reused and placed within a new vase.

Buy It

Looking to purchase a beautiful gift for mom this Mother’s Day? You can get the new Vase Expressions starting at $49.99 with your choice of flowers. Use this 1-800-Flowers link, and you can also get 15% off right now with the code RETAILMENOT15.


  1. I would order it for my 93 year old Aunt for her upcoming birthday in August if I won. She's just like a Mom and Grandma to my family.
    Thanks so much.

  2. I would send flowers to my mom. Growing up I didn't understand or wanted to about her having three jobs. Little did I know it was to help us survive. Do I appreciate that now yes with the up most respect.

  3. It might seem selfish but I would order them for my own house. My husband and I need a bit of some happiness and pretty items to be in our home. Things of late have been a bit stressful.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  4. I would order flowers for my daughter. She lives 1,000 miles away and gets homesick. Flowers would brighten her day.

  5. I think I would order some flowers for myself as I am always ordering for others and wonder what they looked like when they received them. I would like to treat myself for a change. Thanks.
    joycemlinek1 at yahoo dot com

  6. I would sent them to me. I haven't received flowers in ages, and it's high time that happens! 🙂

  7. I would order the flowers for my mother, who is also my best friend. We recently moved 1600 miles away from her and I miss her everyday.


  8. I would get them for myself. I can't remember the last time I received flowers and I am all about color in my life right now.

  9. I would order flowers for my daughter because they always make her happy.

  10. I'd order flowers for my daughter. I really am proud of her. She's so smart, dedicated & hard working. She's accomplished a lot.

  11. My mom, as she is always there for me and I so do not know what I would do without her in my life. She is not only the best mom, but my best friend as well.

  12. I would order flowers for myself, probably a flowering plant, because no one else ever gives me flowers and I love them.

  13. With mothers day here I would have to think about getting flowers for my step mother in law. She would appreciate them.

  14. I'd order them for my step-mom because I didn't have the money to send them to her on Mother's Day


  15. i would order flowers for my friend when she is in the hsopital having her baby
    tcogbill at live dot com

  16. i would send my mom flowers since she's divorced and could use some floral gifts every now and again

  17. My mom because she always does nice things for me and she works really hard!

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

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  22. I would order flowers for my grandparents because they are celebrating their 50th anniversary in a few weeks.

    Dancehottie1621 at aol dot com

  23. I would order flowers from my mom, she deserves them, believe me she deserves them.

    ddx155 at gmail.com

  24. I would order flowers for my Mother-In-Law because she is has been such an amazing blessing in my life!

  25. I would send flowers to my sister, just because. Thanks for the giveaway.


  26. I delivered a beautiful healthy girl on 5/11, just in time for mother's day. My doctor was amazing and she helped me despite not taking my insurance… and I owe her flowers. These would go to her!!!

    tamarsweeps at gmail

  27. @chrisdeglen Tweeted –



  28. I would order them for my mom, because she has only been back in my life for a few months. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  29. I would give flowers to my daughters to celebrate the end of the school year. What girl doesn't like flowers? And I get to enjoy them too! 😉

  30. I wish someone was sending them to me but guess I would send them to my sister for her upcoming b-day.
    jrs362 at hot mail dot com

  31. I would buy flowers for my Mom because she is always there to listen to me and give me advice when I need it but she is never judgemental.
    She's an amazing woman and our family is very blessed

  32. I would send a plant to my mom. I was on the website before mothers day and they had a couple really cute plants my green thumb mom would love.

  33. I'd order flowers for myself for a late birthday/anniversary gift. I spent both completely alone and my husband's deployed on a sub so he didn't get me anything.

  34. I would send flowers to my wife because she is a great mother to my children and takes good care of me. She even helped raise and take care of my brothers four kids when his wife ran off and left them. My wife became a mother to them since their mother never called them, wrote them any letters and never even sent them any birthday card or anything.

  35. Its my best friend's wedding anniversary coming up – her husband is deployed and she has a new little one – anyway she loves tulips! I'd send some to her!

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    username: @gildedaged
    e-mail: gildedaged (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. I bought flowers for my mother for mother's day and didn't get any for myself. LOL would love some for me now.

  38. i would send them to my sister because i want to so her my apprecation for everything

  39. I would send flowers to my mom because she is so caring, giving and loving too.

    ginaferrell3 at yahoo dot com

  40. I would order the flowers for my mom. Right now is graciously watchers my kids three days a week while I go to work. I would love to surprise her with something special.

    cinderwhims at gmail dot com

  41. i would send them to my hubby–we just celebrated 25 years together 🙂

    marci h
    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  42. I would get a nice bouquet for myself. I could use a little cheering up.

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

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