10 Camping Games for Outdoor Fun!

As our massive 50 day camping trip draws near, I am trying to scrounge up a long list of camping games and outdoor activities that we can do in our down time. I don’t want the boys glued to the iPad or handheld game systems while we’re gone, so finding fun things we can all do together is at the top of my list. Check out these great ideas I cam across!

How can you resist a game called Build A Beard?
What games does your family play when they go camping?


  1. I've also seen glow sticks in water bottles and you go "Night Bowling" with them!

    A fun activity is to get Spearmint Life Savors (they have to be this flavor!) and, once it's dark, go on a night hike so there are no lights around, and have your kids crunch the life savors with their mouths open…sparks fly!

  2. Thanks for sharing the Build A Beard game with your readers. I've got more great games if you ever need them.

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