10 St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

These delicious St. Patrick's Day treats might just bring you a bit of luck! #recipes #St.Patrick'sDay

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I am named after an Irish song after all. My dad was a true Irishman, and I grew up listening to Irish classics like “My Wild Irish Rose” and “The Unicorn Song.” Now that my dad has passed away, St. Patrick’s Day is as much about remembering him as it is celebrating my Irish roots. Of course, the amazingly yummy treats that go along with the holiday don’t hurt either. Check out these 10 delicious St. Patrick’s Day treats.

Easy Lucky Charm Cupcakes
Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Muffins
St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow
St. Patty’s Day Minty Pudding Parfaits
St. Patrick’s Day

Whoopie Pies
Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss Drink
Rainbow Jello Cubes

Patrick’s Day Punch
St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Covered Pretzels
St. Patty’s Day Minty S’mores


  1. I might have to tweak one of those recipes to incorporate some green velvet cake mix I have in my pantry right now. Off to look, thanks for compiling these.

  2. Oh my god, all of these look incredibly delicious!
    A few years ago I made a solemn promise to myself to try and make different desserts every holiday. As with most parts of cooking, I have a big tendency to just repeat desert recipes I've already perfected, which leads to a dull lack of variety on the dessert front.
    Thank you for sharing these with us, I'll make sure to try at least the Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss and the Rainbow Jello cubes this time!

  3. St Patty's day is the best day of the year, Green Beer. LOL These treat ideas will be fun for the kids though and I must share them with the oldest to see if she wants to make any!

  4. Green is my favorite color, so I always love when St. Patty's Day rolls around!!! Thanks for the roundup of treats!!!

  5. Great ideas! Maybe we'll make one with the kids during the day before I enjoy my green beer that night. 🙂

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