11 Delicious Camping Desserts

We all know that the almighty s’more will be forever known as the ultimate camping dessert, but with over 50 days of camping ahead of me, there are only so many s’mores a girl can eat. So, I have been hunting down some yummy camping desserts to add a little variety and satisfy the boys’ sweet tooth at night. Check them out, you know you want to!

Camping Peach Cobbler from LivingOverland.com
What is your favorite campfire treat?


  1. So pinning this!! We are going to attempt to take our 3 boys camping for the 1st time and I am looking for all types of fun things for them.

  2. Fruit pies. made in cast iron sandwich makers. Apple or cherry or both if you like. They are so good

  3. One I used to do as a kid was campfire eclairs. So yummy! Toast crescent rolls wrapped around a 1/2" or 3/4" dowel until cooked and golden brown. Make instant vanilla pudding in a gallon sized freezer bag (let your kids throw the bag to each other until it's mixed). Snip off one corner of the bag and pipe the pudding into each crescent roll then top with chocolate frosting. Very tasty! 🙂

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