15 Amazing DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials for Boys!

Amazing #DIY #costume tutorials for boys! Love the Facebook page and claw machine!

I love Halloween, but with four boys, shopping for costumes can become really pricey. Last year I made my oldest’s costume, and he actually won the local costume contest. That really inspired me to scour the web and find some great DIY Halloween Costume ideas for this year. Check out some of my favorites below, and feel share to share your own ideas in the comments!


  1. The sock monkey costume is the CUTEST kids costume I have ever seen! Isn't it so fun to dress the kids up in these adorable outfits? Love it!

  2. Oooooo — the bed bug!!!!

    We always DIY our costumes — this year, the kiddos have decided to be the three main characters from Wreck it Ralph!

  3. Oh my gosh, so many of these are awesome I wouldn't know which to choose from! I have to show my nephews the ninjago one, they are huge ninjago fans.

  4. I definitely needed some ideas for my boys, they had no idea what they want to be this year. I love the Wall-e costume, my 5 year old would just love to dress up like him. Great ideas!

  5. Great list! Love the pink stormtrooper costume. Reminds me of a Facebook joke I was of a stormtrooper in black with his helmet on pulling a pink breastplate out of the washing machine. LOL.

  6. Those are all so fantastic, I can't pick one that is my favorite. The bed bug is so clever but then again, all of them are. This year my middle son wants to be 'Link' and the little guy wants to be some Minecraft thing. My oldest and his girlfriend are going as PB&J! I can't wait to help with their costumes.

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