15 Delicious Fall Pumpkin Recipes

Every year I carve at least one pumpkin with the boys and every year I face the same problem of not knowing what in the world to do with the inside of the pumpkin. I don’t want to throw it away and just waste it, but I am smart enough to know I probably can’t pull off a pie crust. I went in search of some good pumpkin recipes and there are some really yummy ones out there. I think we are going to give the pumpkin cheesecake one a try, but I thought I would share them all with you, in case there are others like me that don’t know what to do after they carve their pumpkin.

1. Pumpkin Cheesecake
2. Pumpkin Chili
3. Pumpkin Brownies with Pumpkin Pie Frosting
4. Pumpkin Doughnuts
5. Pumpkin Torte
6. Pumpkin Trifle
7. Pumpkin Roll
8. Pumpkin Fudge
9. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies
10. Pumpkin Penne
11. Pumpkin Stew
12. Pumpkin Ravioli
13. Pumpkin Truffle
14. Pumpkin Gelato
15. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?


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