15 Dessert Recipes Under 200 Calories

Sometimes your sweet tooth cravings just win out and you have to have a treat. You don’t want to throw away a whole day or even hard week’s worth of work though. So, I went in search of 200 calorie or less dessert recipes and I hit the jackpot. Check out these delicious sweet treats that can all be enjoyed with a clear conscious!


  1. I love it – as long as they aren't full of artificial stuff. I don't think it is every smart to feed artificial stuff to your body.

  2. Nope Maryann, that is why I always look for recipes. If it is made from scratch, it is far less likely to be full of chemicals. Also, it is super easy to substitute type of flour used or to sub raw honey or pure stevia for sugar etc.

  3. Love this! I'm trying to avoid all sugar, but sometimes I just want a sweet snack. Less than 200 calories will allow me to indulge on occasion!

  4. My mom makes almond crescents every year at Christmas Time – they are delicious and literally melt in your mouth – how did I not know they were so low in calories? Yipee now I can eat more LOL….

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