15 DIY Advent Calendars

15 great DIY Advent Calendars. I love the tin can one, so easy and cheap to make! #advent #DIY #christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. I have found over the years that having an advent calendar for the kids to “mark” off each day until Christmas really helps cut down on their craziness before the holiday. It gives them a visual to see how long they have to go, and also gives them a little treat each day in anticipation for the big day! The problem is, store bought advent calendars are generally either expensive or really dinky, so I have been looking into DIY options. Check out the best ones I have found below.


  1. These all look beautiful and an advent calendar is a simple way to offer some extra holiday fun! I especially like the paper bag and mini box sets.

  2. These are all so cute. I love the Peace one, it is just stunning! I have never done an advent calendar before, but I see a lot of people do!

  3. I have so many fond childhood memories of our Advent calendar, but I haven't found a store-bought one I love as much. Maybe it's time to make one myself!

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