20 Camping Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

camping recipes

I announced last month that I will be taking the boys on a massive camping road trip this summer. We have actually lengthened it a bit and we will be camping nearly 50 days now. With all this camping comes the needs for delicious and hearty recipes that are simple to make and can really fill us up after a long day of hiking and fun. These recipes will be sure to satisfy your little campers and are easy too!

Campfire Panini

Does your family like camping? Feel free to leave your favorite camping recipe in the comments below. 


  1. They all look amazing and delicious! I love camping with my family too :)I hope you'll share photos from your trip. I'd love to see them!

  2. Thanks Andrea, we will definitely be sharing photos. I will be covering the step each day on my blog provided my Internet doesn't flake out on me. 🙂

  3. Dang, I just want to go camping (and I don't like camping) to try these dishes! I think I'm going to try the chocolate skillet cake at home, and pretend I'm camping. 😉

  4. You are a brave woman, Kathleen. Fifty days of camping? The meals all look terrific. I hope you enjoy it and will share how some of these meals turned out.

  5. It started as 38, but grew Anne. I am not sure brave is the word for me, but I'll let you know when it is all over. 🙂 Will definitely be updating with some recipes this summer. I will likely adapt many of these recipes to make them Paleo friendly, but wanted to post them as they were for anyone who may not choose to eat Paleo.

  6. We camp a lot. Some of our favorites are:
    Breakfast grilled cheese (just add egg and bacon to a regular grilled cheese); Chicken Fajitas; Philly Cheesesteak
    Enjoy your trip.

  7. The pictures look amazing, but I couldn't find the recipes 🙁 Clicking on the picture only put me in "picture view" mode 🙁

  8. Hi Debbie! If you click on the name of the meal under the picture, it will take you to the recipe.

  9. These all look amazing! Growing up, we did "Stick Steak" on all of our camping trips; cubed steak on a hotdog stick over open flame. That way we could cook it to our own liking! Then we dipped it in sour cream,seasoning salt and chives. (trust me… I've even converted my "Steak Snob" husband and now he rarely eats steak without sour cream and seasoning salt!)

  10. If you click the name of the recipe right under the photo, it will take you to the recipe itself. 🙂

    Stick Steak sounds wonderful! We will definitely have to try it out!

  11. We wrapped canned biscuits around sausage links (the precooked frozen ones) on a stick and roasted them. Check it and other things we've tried out at campingcapers.wordpress.com. I love the idea of spaghetti in a foil packet. Must try!

  12. We make cone smores using strawberries, bananas, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Add it to a waffle cone n wrap it all in tinfoil. Grill for 5-7 mins., flipping it once. Stick a fork in it n enjoy! Yum status! I will be trying some of these recipes. Do you have any for fish?

  13. Wow! I could have really used this two years ago when my family took a 2 month camping trip through the National parks. Can't wait to go again and try some of these recipes. This is great! Thanks.

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