20 Paleo Breakfast Ideas

paleo breakfast ideas

Since trying to make the switch to Paleo, breakfast has proven to be the most difficult meal of the day for me. Snacks are easy and lunch and dinner aren’t hard, but traditional breakfast food generally contains grains that are a big no no when it comes to Paleo. I figured some other people may be having a hard time coming up with breakfast options too. There are only so many days in a row that I can eat bacon and eggs. Check out these 20 Paleo breakfast ideas to help add plenty of variety to your mornings. If you are looking for a way to sweeten your evenings, check out these 25 Paleo Dessert Recipes too.

paleo oatmeal
Banana and Cream ‘Oatmeal’ from A Girl Worth Saving.
paleo breakfast burrito
Paleo Breakfast Burrito from A Spoonful of Sugar Free.
Paleo eggs benedict
Paleo Eggs Benedict from Fast Paleo.
paleo breakfast muffins
Paleo Breakfast Muffins from Paleo Munch.
Paleo waffles
Paleo Waffles from SCD Foodie
Paleo breakfast sausage
Paleo Breakfast Sausage from The Food Lover’s Kitchen.
paleo power bars
Paleo Power Bars from Elana’s Pantry.
paleo trifle
Paleo Breakfast Trifle from The Healthy Chef.
paleo breakfast casserole
Paleo Breakfast Casserole from Our Life in Food
paleo breakfast cookies
Paleo Breakfast Cookies from Paleo Parents.
paleo pancakes
Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes from TurtleWoman
paleo breakfast bread
Paleo Breakfast Bread from Elana’s Pantry.
paleo breakfast bake
Paleo Breakfast Bake from What Runs Lori.
paleo crepe
Paleo Breakfast Crepe from 17 Recipes.
paleo frittata
Paleo Breakfast Frittata from The Food Lover’s Kitchen.
paleo granola
Paleo Breakfast Granola from The Preppy Paleo.
paleo biscuit
Paleo Breakfast Biscuit from Simply Living Healthy
paleo breakfast pizza
Paleo Breakfast Pizza from Everyday Paleo.
paleo cereal
Paleo Cereal from Cupcakes OMG.
paleo cinnamon rolls
Paleo Cinnamon Rolls from Ant and Anise


  1. THANK YOU for this post! I'm not doing Paleo 100% to the letter but I do want more low carb options and there are some great ones here. Great post K.

  2. Ok, I'm new to Pinterest, how do I find the actual recipes on this page. I clicked on it and nothing came up. Help and thanks.

  3. When I click the name of the site under each picture it takes me to another picture, but no recipe. How can I display the recipe?

  4. I just double checked all the links and the only one that was not working properly was the Breakfast Bread, which has now been fixed. If you click the website name link under each photo, they do go directly to the recipes. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for these. The berakfast trifle is not Paleo however..yogurt, and granola are not Paleo (the granola has oats etc)

  6. Thanks for stopping by El. There are definitely those who do not eat dairy on Paleo, but it is a split line in the Paleo world. There are many who believe that full fat dairy products are fine and do include them in a Paleo lifestyle. Also, in the actual recipe for the trifle, the person gives instructions for how to make it Paleo by listing that you can use cinnamon toasted nuts instead of granola. 🙂

  7. Found you on Pinterest! These all sound amazing! I can't wait to try the benedict and burrito!

  8. I came across the 'breakfast burrito' on Pinterest. Seems my recipe collection is growing faster than I can try 'em all, but this one will be bumped up on the list…

  9. WOW!!! Thank you so much! My family has just recently started eating a more Paleo style. This will be SOOO helpful!!!

  10. I saw this on Pinterest…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! The hardest things for me on Paleo are creative snack ideas and different BREAKFAST options.

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