Month: April 2011


Does Megamind Have ADHD?

Not a question you would normally expect to hear while watching a video with your kids, but hear it I did. My oldest son who is 10 years old has been diagnosed with ADHD for about 7 months now, but has suffered from behavior problems his whole life. It took me a minute to understand […]


Mama Say What?

While watching my 7 year olds’ baseball game last night, it occured to me that the sport brings some interesting phrases out of my mouth. In true “Mama say what?” fashion, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things you may hear come out of my mouth if you were to […]


Bacon Topped Mini Meatloaf Recipe

My kids love meatloaf and so do I. There is always a standard meatloaf recipe that I always use. Actually, it isn’t a written recipe, my dad just taught it to me growing up. I do like to try and mix it up every once in a while though. When I read about bacon wrapped […]