Month: July 2011


10 Outrageous Nail Art Designs!

Okay, so it is no secret that I have been trying to girl it up lately and have been experimenting with some new nail art designs. While looking for some inspiration, I ran across some pretty outrageous nail designs and though I would share some of the best with you. I honestly don’t know how […]


Did I Feed Any Boys to the Gators?

We arrived in Kissimmee on Wednesday and settled into our hotel. Yesterday, we officially kicked off our vacation with a day full of gators. We first visited Boggy Creek Airboat Rides in the morning and then headed on over to Gatorland for more reptile fun. It was hot, but it sure was a blast. The […]


10 of the Dumbest Twitter Spam Messages

  Oh, we have all fallen victim to them. The dreaded Twitter spam messages. As I was checking my email this morning, I came across the normal plethora of Twitter “direct message” notifications. I of course click to see if it is anything useful and 99% of the time, it definitely is not. The most […]