Month: October 2011


6 Amazing Halloween Light Shows

Halloween Photo by Clogozm We decorate inside for Halloween here at the house, but I have never been much of an outside decorator. Our yard is huge and I am just not very good at it. If I was as talented as the people who created these amazing Halloween light shows though, I would be […]


So This is What 30 Feels Like

The cake my mom made for me! You know what? It doesn’t feel any different than 29. In fact, it feels better. I woke up this morning as a 30 year old. I thought I would dread it, but it feels great! It is like I get to start over with a whole new decade […]


An Ode to Vomit

I should probably point out that the last few days, vomit has just about consumed my life, so I really had no other choice than to write about it. When you think about it, it really is quite a phenomenon. They always say write about what you know and for the last few days with […]