Month: October 2011


Before and After Motherhood

Photo by Danilo Nunez Jr.        Photo by Upsilon Andromedea Motherhood is an amazing experience and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. However, I would be lying if I said that it didn’t completely change your life. This Monday morning, I thought I would take a funny  look at how some things looked […]


My Little Monsters

Last Saturday we had a really busy day. We went to the free planetarium show, went to a free admission day at the local Mission San Luis museum where they had face painting, crafts and more, then we headed over to Fun Station where my one son has a birthday party to attend. We rounded […]


Top 5 Words Little Boys Find Funny!

It’s Monday again and we all have a hard time getting up and into our week. I thought I would start us off with a little laugh. Well, at least the words below would make my boys giggle. Why is it that every word that little boys find funny, moms find gross? Honestly though, you […]