Month: February 2012


The World of Parenting As Seen By Our Kids

A long time ago, I learned that once your children get old enough to talk and form opinions of their own,  there starts to be a difference in the things you say when parenting your children and how they interpret them. As parents, we are often deemed unfair, hateful or just plain mean! Your child […]


20 Weeks #Surrogacy Update!

So we found out last week that my IF’s will be bringing home a little girl. Tomorrow I am officially 20 weeks along and halfway to the finish line! Things have been going great and this little surro-girl sure is a big bundle of joy. Literally! She is huge, and hell bent on making me […]


6 Ways Tweens Are Like Vampires

My oldest son is 11 going on 31 and my second oldest just turned 10. There is something that happens to a child when they reach those double digits. Something that turns them from the sweet cuddle bugs they used to be into moody tweens that know far more than we could ever hope to […]