Month: August 2012


DIY Shabby Chic Magnetic Memo Board

We always seem to have loose papers flying around the kitchen that need a place to live. Instead of piling them up in an unappealing basket on the counter or stuffing them in a drawer, I decided to make my own magnetic memo board. It also ads a nice flare to the kitchen. You could […]


The Importance of Forgiveness

In August of 2008 my ex-husband passed away. He was in a car accident without a seat belt and under the influence of drugs. He had always told me he wouldn’t live to be 30 and he was exactly 30 when he died. The news of his accident and then his eventual death hit me […]


A Post-Surrogacy Update for Those Who Wonder

All throughout my surrogate pregnancy, the one question I was asked most often was “Won’t it be hard to give up the baby.” I always answered the question with a simple “No” because quite frankly, the baby was never mine to begin with. Deep down though, I knew there was a difference between knowing this […]