Month: February 2013


15 Dessert Recipes Under 200 Calories

Sometimes your sweet tooth cravings just win out and you have to have a treat. You don’t want to throw away a whole day or even hard week’s worth of work though. So, I went in search of 200 calorie or less dessert recipes and I hit the jackpot. Check out these delicious sweet treats […]


5 Free Zumba Videos Online

I love Zumba! Normally when I have started exercising in the past, I get burnt out quickly. Zumba is the one thing  that I have found that I really enjoy doing and it motivates me to do more. An hour Zumba video goes by in a heartbeat and I don’t even realize I have been […]


3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

Part of childhood is being care free. So, we tend to not what to burden our children with thoughts of things like finances and budgeting. This could be doing more harm than good though, as they grow up and lack the basic financial literacy skills to keep themselves afloat. My boys have become way to […]