Month: September 2017


4 Best Starter Phones for Your Pre-Teen

Guest Post: If you’re struggling on whether or not to get your pre-teen a smartphone, you might be surprised the age today’s kids are stepping into smartphone ownership. According to Influence Central’s report Kids & Tech: The Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives, the average age of a child getting their first smartphone is just 10.3 […]


How to Prevent Common Injuries in Children

It increasingly seems like children are finding new and creative ways to injure themselves as soon as their parents’ backs are turned. Their inquisitive and playful nature means that injuries are inevitable and rather than trying to avoid them all together we should look for ways in which we can help to prevent them and […]


How Studying Health Law Can Impact Your Children

From the day that your children are born, you will learn that certain health decisions require some important considerations. You’ll be given an inoculation schedule that is standard, but you have the right to delay some vaccinations. Although there is no scientific research that supports that vaccines lead to the development of autism, there have […]