21 Day Sugar Detox Results Days 1-6

I have started the New Year with a bang and a whopping 9 pound weight loss so far! If you read my freezer to crockpot cooking post this month, you saw that the meals are all sugar detox and Paleo friendly. This all part of my master plan to change the way I eat and lose 50lbs. I had put on a few pounds since having the surro-baby and I realized there was something I needed to do to get rid of my bad habits and the extra weight that has been hanging around for years.

A diet and exercise wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to lose the weight just to see it come back on. So, I went in search of a change that could last forever and that is when I found Paleo. Paleo eating is basically clean eating. You don’t have grains or anything refined. There is more to it, but I will save that for another day. To jump start my weight loss and go cold turkey, I decided to do the 21 Day Sugar Detox. This plan limits you to meats, some fats like butter, coconut oil, nuts, etc. and non-starchy veggies.

I have now been on the 21 Day Sugar Detox for 6 days and it hasn’t been that bad. I have dropped 9 pounds already, which in itself is a testament to how bad sugar is for you. Day 1 was probably the hardest for me, as I still really wanted my caffeine free Diet Coke that was pretty much all I drank on a daily basis.

Day 2 and 3 were a breeze, but only because I had prepared everything ahead. My freezer meals were done for dinner, I had cooked a week of chicken breasts for lunches and I had everything I needed for breakfasts. Day 4 I had a little bit of a headache, but still no cravings.

On day 5 which was yesterday I was really tested. There was nothing in the house for my breakfast since I had made the boys some of my bacon and eggs a few days before. The store closest to us was out of eggs and their bacon had sugar so I had to drive clear into town with the boys to Publix. I purposely walked through the bakery section and there wasn’t one thing that tempted me. Yay! I got home, made my eggs and bacon and was feeling much better. That afternoon, a friend brought over a beautiful glazed ham and sides that his mom had sent for us. Yum! Unfortunately, I couldn’t have any, so last night was a trial as I ate a reheated chicken breast and they had delicious ham.

Today is day 6 and everything is still going great. I am psyched that I haven’t cheated and I am even more psyched about the weight loss! Looking forward to my next week on the 21 Day Sugar Detox. More recipes will be going up this week in case you want to join in, and I will be posting more about Paleo eating. Trust me when I say you don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods, there are substitutes for virtually everything in Paleo eating!


  1. That is awesome, Kathleen! I'm not cutting sugar out completely, but am limiting it. Everything in moderation. Portion control has been key for me.

  2. That's great Donna! I really do think that everyone has to find the thing that works best for them. For me, portion control was hard, because I was always having cravings. It turns out, most of those cravings were from the crazy balancing act my body was doing with sugar.

    I have always struggled with my weight and I can lose it, but it comes right back. I think changing my way of eating with Paleo will get rid of all the bad things that used to make me gain the weight back and will help me maintain weight loss for a long time!

  3. It's because of seeing your post on Facebook about this and then reading Rhea's experience that made me want to try. I'm on day 1 right now. Your post here has given me hope that it won't be so bad.

  4. exciting i can't wait to read more about your experiences and I think I have a little understanding about paleo.

  5. Congrats, it is amazing once sugar is out of your body how your cravings change. Good luck I'm on my own weight loss journey and it will be kickstarting again tomorrow.

  6. Way to go! Sugar is my absolute vice, always has been, always will be, so controlling myself is difficult.

  7. LOL Liz, no substitutes allowed while you're on the detox. I thought giving up the diet coke would be hard too, but I don't miss it now.

  8. Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm also trying to cut down on sugar this year. I've heard that the first month or so is the worst and after that you lose your cravings, so I hope that's true for you too–good luck! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm also trying to cut down sugar. The first month or so is the worst, I lose your appetite after I heard.

  10. Way to go! I cannot wait to see how it works for you. Unfortunately, I could never do it as I love starches etc. Congratulations!

  11. Yes, Kiersten after the first week, I pretty much have no cravings anymore. In fact, I eat not because I feel hungry, but to fuel my body and that is why we are supposed to eat in the first place. Right?

    Nichol, I thought the same thing. There was not a night that went by that we were not eating a starch or two with dinner and I loved all things carb related. It really has not been that difficult to give them up though.

  12. oh i want to do this so bad! i am just frustrated as to how to actually do it. need a full on game plan. i like the cooking a week of chicken for lunches at a time. that's brilliant!

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