29 Weeks Surrogacy Update!

Well, it’s been another month since I last updated on the little surro-bean. She sure is growing like a weed and so am I for that matter. While there wasn’t much change from 20-25 weeks, at 29 weeks my belly is getting huge. It hasn’t translated into weight gain though or red stretch marks, so we are still good to go. Her daddies are busy planning for her arrival and have started the most beautiful nursery ever. At our ultrasound yesterday she was already estimated at over 3lbs., so I am positive she will end up much larger than my own boys. Hoping that that doesn’t put a kink in my plans to have another medication free birth. The picture stinks because I had to take it myself this week, but you get the idea. I’m huge LOL.


  1. You look amazing and your offering such a blessing to a couple who will cherish such a beautiful gift. hang in there

  2. You look wonderful! I can imagine how happy this couple can be. Such a wonderful thing you're doing!

  3. I have always wanted to be a surrogate. Until I am over this wanting more children for myself though I wont' look into it because I know it would be hard. But I would love to, one day, do this for someone.

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