4 Apps That Help You Eat Healthy

4 Apps that make healthy eating simple to do.

The weather is getting warmer and you know what that means. There are no more bulky sweaters and long pants to hide behind. That’s why I am making an effort to eat healthier with swimsuit season quickly approaching. Eating healthier just got easier in the digital age. There’s
an app for that! If you are someone who needs a little help to keep you on
track and you are always on the go, try an app for eating healthy to keep your
diet right where it needs to be- and your waistline, too!

Platform: Android, Apple iPhone
Price: free – $9.99, depending on version

For those of us not versed in the “language” or nutrition labels, Fooducate
allows you scan the barcode of a product or type in its name to find out the
total calories, fat, sodium and other ingredients in that product. If you like
a ratings system, it can also score the food for healthiness.
Platform: Android, Apple iPhone and iPad
Price: free!

It’s free, and it helps you eat free- form GMOs and other foods that have
chemicals you may want to avoid. This app lists “green” foods and “red” foods,
with green meaning “go” and red meaning “stop,” of course! It will also help
you locate stores that refuse to carry anything with GMOs.
Platform: Android, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad
Price: Free!

This app has just about everything you need to succeed in your weight loss
journey. It comes with  an easy to use
food diary and allows access to calorie counts for more than 3 million foods.
You can list your own recipes and meals, share with others, and set your
fitness goals to get a personalized calorie and fitness plan to help you reach
them. Did we mention it’s free?

Platform: Apple iPhone,
Price: $.99

Super foods boost your immune system, strengthen memory, ward off disease and
give you more energy, so why not intake more of them easily with Superfoods- an
app that acts as a guidebook to healthful eating, which can make your shopping
trips easier and better. This app also offers articles with in-depth
information about foods and supplements, and has a “deals” tab that links you
to shopping specials.

Do you use an app to help you eat healthier or lose weight? I would love to hear what it is!


  1. I can't remember what it's called (and that's obviously not a good sign) but I have one that tracks calories and whatnot.

  2. I don't use an app, I have a pretty good pace tracker (I can't remember the right term lol.)

  3. I use My Weight HD for the iOS, and I've used My Fitness Pal too. I've downloaded a lot of apps to help weight/health management, but some of them just aren't very good.

  4. These sound like great apps. I've actually never used an app to help me get healthier but it can't hurt to try!

  5. There are so many wonderful apps on the market. This list is totally awesome. I'm going to have to check them out on my iPhone. Thanks for telling us about them.

  6. Fooducate sounds like a great one. We always read the labels but whether or not we understand all the ingredients is a whole other story.

  7. I use the MyFItnessPal one to scan in my food but I love the idea of the Fooducate and how it rates it.

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