4 Classic Pin Up Girl Makeup Tutorials

Fall is approaching and I thought it would be the perfect time to try something new with my makeup and search out some pin up girl makeup tutorials. Now, I am still relatively new to the world of using makeup on a regular basis so I have not been brave enough to try the red lips quite yet, but I want to. I will be hitting the makeup counter soon to find a shade that works for me, but until then, I wanted to share some of the amazing tutorials I found with you all. These girls are flawless and do a great job telling you just how to get that pin up girl makeup look.

1. Quick and Easy Pin Up Girl Tutorial

This girl is adorable and does a great job of quickly explaining just how to get that pin up girl face. She uses a very basic eye look and there are really only a few steps involved, so anyone can do it.

2. Dramatic Eye Pin Up Girl Makeup Tutorial

The eye on this pin up girl look is a little more complicated and dramatic. Definitely a more daring look, but perfect for those who have a little more experience with applying their makeup.

3. Edgy Pin Up Girl Tutorial

If you have an edgier look, then this tutorial is great for you. This girl definitely rocks out the look and it is simple to get.

4. Modern Pin Up Girl Makeup Tutorial

Want to make the pin up look more modern? This tutorial takes the pin up look to a whole new level with a lighter lip, for those who aren’t really to go all out just yet.

Have you tried a pin up girl look yet? If so, how did you like it?


  1. I wish that even with the tutorials that I could pull some of those off, but that isn't happening any time soon.

  2. I like the first girl. It looks so easy to follow along that she made me want to buy all her makeup AND that jewelry

  3. Don't think I could pull off number two Donna, but I definitely want to try the first one or at least the tamer last version.

  4. I've never been into the pin up girl look, but these gals are so pretty that now I want to try it!

  5. I had an entire vow renewal that was pin up/rockabilly themed. It was amazing and I loved my hair and makeup, which a former friend did for me!

  6. I would probably have the most success with the edgy pinup look. I would need major help with the eyebrows, though.

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