4 Fall Fashion Trends I Plan On Rocking

I have been playing around with my personal style lately and trying to put a lot more effort into how I look.  Waking up and actually putting on a nice outfit each day has gone a long way to making me feel great, even if the furthest I go is to drop the boys off at school. As fall approaches, I have begun to look at the trends coming out. While I may decide to wear plenty of them, these are four I definitely plan on rocking.


lace dress

Accents of lace or even full out lacey tops are in this fall. I found this dress on Forever 21 and really love it. I have it sitting in my cart as we speak, but since I am still trying to get comfortable with dresses, I am on the fence. I love the layered over lace look though, and if I don’t end up with this dress, I will definitely find a top that is similar.

Jewel Colored Pants

Colored jeans and pants are being carried over from the spring and summer. Instead of the bright colors though, more subdued jewel tones are making an appearance. I love these dark teal skinny cords from Old Navy, but there are also Ruby, Amber and other jewel inspired colors floating around too.

Colorblock Cut Out Shirt

colorblock shirt

Both colorblock shirts and shirts with strategically place cutouts are in for fall. I found this black and white colorblock shirt from New York & Company that also has cutouts in the shoulders. I am in love with it and it perfectly blends the two trends.

Electric Blue

I am a huge fan of blue anyway and all shades of blue are in this coming season. However, there is a special emphasis on electric blue tones. I love this top from Old Navy. The roll tab sleeves are great and it is really sheer, making it perfect for layering. Not to mention, it will go well with my red hair.

What fall trends are you most looking forward to trying?


  1. I think you'll look great in any of these styles! I saw you talking about the colored jeans the other day on Facebook! 🙂

  2. I know Jack about fashion but I do like the blue idea. I mostly spend the Fall months in jeans and pull over jackets.

  3. I'm so glad that skinny jeans are still in style this season. I'm loving the really short dresses worn over the skinny slacks & jeans.

  4. Oh that pink and black colored top is gorgeous. Unfortunately when I'm heavier then I like I hate dealing with fashion. Something I'm struggling with right now.

  5. Not sure how I feel about the colored jeans. They remind me of what I wore in high school in the early 90's.

  6. I love all four trends you listed and would totally try them all, although I will admit, the colored jeans make me nervous simply because I'm an 80's/90's kid and my mom wore them!

  7. You will definitely rock them all! I'm not sure if I am bold enough to wear colored jeans or not… maybe if I can lose about 15 more pounds. 🙂

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