4 Items That Will Make Keeping Your House Clean Easier


There is no denying that keeping your house up to a decent standard when it comes to
cleanliness is a challenge. When you have a kid or two running around, the task seems nearly
impossible. Try as you might keep up with all of the toys, clothes, dust, and dirt that seem to find
their way all-around your home, you are most likely left spending days on end cleaning and
tidying things up only to feel as though you have made no progress at all. Giving your kids age-
appropriate cleaning tasks will help, but there are a lot of things that they might not be able to

The fact of the matter is that life is messy sometimes. Simply going about your daily routine
means that there will be dishes, messes, and laundry about the place. Thankfully, though, there
are certain things you can get that will help make your task of keeping the house clean just a bit
Many of these items help take some of the work off your shoulders when it comes to routine
cleaning. Some might even be able to take entire jobs off your plate when used properly. While
nothing will be able to completely solve how the same toys get left out no matter how many
times you ask for them to be put away, alleviating a bit of the workload with these handy
products can save you a great deal of time throughout your week.

1. A Roomba 
By now, you have likely heard about those nifty little vacuum cleaners that are robots that pick
up all of the dust and debris on your floors for you. These machines are real lifesavers,
especially when you have a family pet in the picture.
When you set up your Roomba, you will be surprised at how much cleaner your floors appear
daily. Just set up your Roomba to run at times convenient for you and get to work as soon as it
is charged up. When it runs out of charge, it will return to its docking station until it is back to full
battery, then it will continue its job. The best part is that these vacuums are small enough to get
under all of the furniture in your home.
There are a variety of Roombas on the market now that you can choose from. Most even sync
with your smartphone so that you can pick your preferences and even turn it off and on with
ease. To find the Roomba that is right for you, check out https://parentingpod.com/best-roomba-comparison/.
2. A Blinds Duster 
On a sunny day when you are hoping to let the light shine in, it can be disheartening to see just
how much dust has been collecting on the slats of your blinds. You might very well be dreading
the task of cleaning these slats one by one. Thankfully, there is a product that not only makes
this job simpler but fast to complete as well.
There are dusters that are specifically designed for blinds. They work almost like tongs in that
you essentially clamp down in an individual slat and slide the duster along it, collecting all dustand debris on the way. Cleaning your blinds will now be so quick and easy that you might find
yourself doing so each week.
3. Shower Spray 
It can be incredibly frustrating to walk into the bathroom to find that mildew is once again
growing all too quickly in the shower. Moreover, cleaning pesky mold off of shower tiles is a
rather labor-intensive task to have to do each week.
While you won’t want to forego giving your tiles a good wipe each week, you can help prevent
troublesome mildew from growing by using a shower spray each time someone uses the
shower. Once you are done in the shower, simply spray the tiles to help excess water dry up
and prevent mildew from growing.
4. Washing Machine Cleaner 
Your washing machine sees its fair share of use throughout the week. It is no surprise, then,
that you will start to notice a musty, moldy smell coming from the drum over time. Unfortunately,
if left unchecked, this odor can start making its way into the clothes you thought you were
To easily combat this issue and keep your washing machine clean, you can simply run an
empty wash with one of many washing machine cleaners. Do this on a routine basis to keep
your machine clean and fresh.

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