4 Pin-Up Girl Hair Tutorials for Medium to Short Hair

I love “old” hair. No, not the hair that you find in the bottom of your shower drain that has been there for months, I mean hair right out of a pin-up girl calendar. Beautiful hairstyles with a vintage flair. I think these styles work especially well for fall when you won’t mind the hair being down on your neck or across your forehead. Having short to medium length hair though, it is not always easy to find pin-up girl hairstyles
that work. I was searching for some the other day that I want to try out this fall and thought I would share them with all of you.

1. Curly Pin-Up Girl Tutorial with a Bump

This hairstyle is adorable and looks pretty simple. I curl my hair a lot in the fall now and this can be turned into a simple retro look with the addition of a bump on top. Great tutorial and the girl who does it is adorable.

2. Marilyn Monroe Inspired Hair Tutorial

This is a little more advanced than the tutorial above, but I love the look and if I can pull it of with my hair being a little longer than hers, I think it will look fabulous!

3. Pin-Up Girl Victory Rolls Tutorial

I love the look of victory rolls and if I had known they were so easy to do, I would have tried them out a long time ago. This is a great tutorial and the girl doing it has fairly short hair. I have seen these done with shorter hair though too, so if yours is shorter, I say go for it!

4. Multiple Rolls Pin-Up Girl Inspired Hair Tutorial

This one would be easier for someone with medium to short hair that is at least below the ears. I really love this look, but have the hardest time getting bobby pins to take, so I am not sure if I can pull it off. I think the problem is that I am too lax with the hairspray. It is an adorable style though that uses multiple victory rolls.


  1. Megan, there are tons of tutorials for long hair, those are easy to find and there are so many fun pin-up styles you could do. I just focused on this length because it is what I have lol.

    Kas, you totally could pull it off.

  2. stumbled upon this, and OMG. your blog name like describes my life. i have 4 older brothers, and my dad's unofficial work sloga is 'never a dull moment.' weird.

  3. This is the one thing I miss about my long hair – the victory rolls. Now I need to get creative! Great tips – thank you!

  4. Life saver I couldnt think of anything to do with my hair for homecoming and im going for a pin up look much thanks!!

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