4 Tips For Getting Kids To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Great tips on how to get kids to sleep in their own bed. #parenting

I am writing this post as a Serta ambassador, but all words and opinions are my own. 

I have four boys and none of them ever slept in my bed. Sure, there may have been an occasional bad dream here or there, but it wasn’t an every night thing. I am not saying it is wrong or right to let your children sleep in your bed, everyone makes the choices that are right for them. The problem though, it quickly becomes a habit, and sooner or later, parents are going to want to reclaim their beds for themselves. What do you do when that time comes? These four tips might help.

1. Make Their Room An Inviting Place

Make their room somewhere they love to be. Do some redecorating, and let them help create a space where they feel safe and comfortable. Involving them in the process of decorating the room will give them a sense of accomplishment and make them more comfortable.

2. Scare Away the Monsters

Children who are older and still sleeping with mom and dad may not have had to deal with feeling insecure or scared. These feelings often come to children sleeping in their own rooms. So, install a nightlight or two, invest in a small spray bottle and fill it up with water and call it monster repellent, place a favorite stuffed animal under the bed to keep bad things away. These are just a few of the ways you can monster-proof your child’s room and make them feel more secure.

3. Start With Daytime Naps

The transition from a parent’s bed to their own is not going to be a quick and easy process, but the more fun and easy you make it for them, the simpler it will be. To start, have them take day time naps in their own beds. Naps are less intimidating than spending the whole night in there alone, but help them grow accustomed to sleeping alone in their own room during the day when they feel safe.

4. Invest in Comfy Quality Bedding

Investing in comfortable and cozy bedding is one great way to help a child fall in love with their own bed and room. They will be more likely to want to sleep in their bed if it is comfortable. Plus, products like a Serta iSeries mattress are affordable, will help them fall asleep faster and will ensure that they get a better night’s rest. Again, let them have a hand in picking out the items for their room. Let them pick some cozy themed sheets or even pick out the mattress themselves!

Do you have any tips for helping parents get their beds back?


  1. Good tips. We never had a problem with our daughter staying in her own bed, but we used a number of those tips as well, so that might be why!

  2. I finally ended out getting myself a new bed and moved out of the bed…. leaving it to her. #ChildWins :/

  3. I made sure to work on that when B no longer slept in our room. Scaring away monsters is a must!

  4. I love the "scare away the monsters" I agree with the bedding. I think sometimes my daughter comes in here because our bed is comfortable.

  5. I actually told my girls that they're lucky they have their own room and their own beds because there are some kids that don't. I told them they should be grateful and who knew that would actually work with a 3 & 4yo.

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