475 Free Lapbooks for Interactive Learning

free lapbooks

I recently redid our entire homeschool model for Jordan. Since he has dyslexia, the standard read and do worksheets method just doesn’t work for him. I dug around for ideas of what would work best for him and one of the resources I came up with were lapbooks. Lapbooks are an interactive way to take notes and record information. They are generally created out of file folders and cover a certain topic or core subject area. You can purchase lapbook instructions, but being ever frugal, I went in search of free lapbooks. I found a ton of lapbooks available in every subject, and wanted to share them with other parents who may be searching for affordable learning resources too.

free lapbook
48 Free Lapbooks Organized by Subject at Homeschool Helper Online.
free homeschool lapbooks
351 Free Lapbooks on wide range of subjects from Homeschool Share
free homeschool printables
30+ Lapbooks and Unit Studies on mostly Science and History Topics at Dynamic 2 Moms.
free preschool lapbooks.
46 Free Preschool Lapbooks from Homeschool Creations


  1. Could I download the file to make our lapbooks? Wish any file could be download free like yours. This help me to teach my little daughter from this disease.

  2. I'll be homeschooling my son in middle school. I'll share this with my s-i-l who has homeschooled all three of her kids.

  3. This is such a great list. Just FYI – the link for Homeschool Share actually leads to homeschool helper online. Thanks!

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