5 Things You Will Never Own When You Have Little Boys

A clean toilet!

As a mom of four boys, there have been some things that I have had to resign myself to not owning while my kids are still young. Some of these things I know I cannot own right now, because I have tried in the past and it has ended badly. Other things, I am just guessing, because they are to darn expensive for me to test the theory out. Check out the list of things to avoid when you have young boys below and chime in if you have anything to add to the list.

1. A White Couch

It wouldn’t be white for long!

2. An Expensive New Car

Don’t thing this would look good scattered with juice boxes and cracker crumbs.

3. Breakable Decorative Items

Trust me, sooner or later, it would hit the floor.

4. Glass Furniture

Boys plus glass equals trouble.

5. High Heels

You need good traction when chasing after boys.

In conclusion, anything white, breakable or remotely expensive should be avoided when parenting young boys, but trust me, it’s worth it!


  1. I have three little boys and one thing we never achieve, is a bed that is not rumpled by bedtime. There is something about a neatly made bed that screams out "jump on me" to a little boy.

  2. Haha! So true.. Little boys can seriously break anything. My little man breaks at least one thing a day, no matter how indestructable you would think something is. he find a way to break it!!

  3. I think that goes for ALL children, haha. We have a beige couch and it looks like it's been caked it dirt, because of my daughter, LOL!

  4. As a mom of three myself: 2 daughters and my youngest being a son, a FULLY agree on the toilet now. He's just starting to learn to stand & pee.

  5. Absolutely agree with the toilet. I wouldn't be buying a "new" car anyway (the biggest waste of money ever), and I don't have glass furniture of any kind, because I like wood. But the other three are in my home. I used to be able to run in high heels as well as I did in tennis shoes. lol. I do have just one boy, though, so maybe that's the difference.

  6. I have a friend whose son who uses the toilet lid as a backboard to 'reflect' his pee into the bowl. HATE going to the bathroom after him.

  7. OH, how true. I only had the two boys and I never owned those things.
    When I got married the first time, we bought a nice white couch with flowers and then on our 1st wedding anniversary I found out I was preggers… The couch didn't stay white for much longer. I had my 2nd baby 3 years later and by then the couch was grey.
    By the time I was divorced with two little ones, I bought a dark emerald green couch – that thing lasted for years!!
    I love your posts like this – Rock on, momma!


  8. This was really funny (and oh so true!) I have 3 kids 4yrs old and under, and I do NOT have any of those things LOL

  9. Yes, its all so true! Agree with the toilet. Anything white and breakable is dangerous when we have a boys in our house. But it's exciting to have them.

  10. LOL I have heels, but they're easy to kick off if I have to chase a kid, or I wear them when I have someone else along who can run.

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