5 Upcycled School Supply Crafts

This is a guest post brought to you in collaboration with Residence Hall Linens.

Every parent and all the teachers know how the cost of
school supplies can really start adding up. The price of being a student seems
to be steadily increasing. Making some school supplies from recycled or
reusable materials can really help defer some of those costs while ensuring
that your children have their own, personalized school supplies, as well as
creating fun craft projects to do. Have you been on Pinterest lately? All kinds
of ideas like the ones featured here are easy to find and adapt for your needs. Check out these five great DIY school supply projects. 

1. Pencil and Notepad Holders Made from a DVD Case

Photo from Stacy Vaughn Blog.
2. Pencil Holder Made from Pencils

Photo from Seasons of Joy.
3. Desk Organizer Made of Cardboard Boxes

Photo from Modge Podge Rocks.
4. Recycled Tool Box for School Supplies

Photo from A Creative Princess.
5. Chic Pencil Holders from Tin Cans

Photo from TimeWashed.com.
Once you start a tradition of the kids making their own school supplies from recycled materials, they will likely adopt the habit, and do it all the way through college and beyond. It might be a small comfort to know that some of the college costs like purchasing Residence Hall Linens for their dorm rooms could be covered when your student is making some of their own supplies. In addition to saving money, it definitely helps reduce our impact on the environment. 


  1. That last vintage collection is super cute. I love that idea! I also think the desk set of boxes is pretty cool.

  2. The dvd note pad and pencils would be a great gift for my daughter! She's all about writing and drawing these days.

  3. I thought the DVD cases would also work great in the car for travel to keep the kids busy too Tammy.

    Liz, those tin can pencil holders are definitely my style too, and I couldn't believe that desk organizer was made entirely out of cardboard boxes.

  4. Oooh, I love the pink and green organizer and I know my kids would love the toolbox. So fun! I might need to attempt these myself. 🙂

  5. I especially love that vase made out of pencils! A few years ago, my cousin made me a vase by hot-gluing different colored straws to a simple glass vase. It was the same idea and really cute!

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