6 Things to Do Before You Move Out Your Home

Guest post:

Moving home can be a stressful time, regardless of how organized you are. You will most
likely have multiple tasks to complete in a short space of time, so the process might feel a
little overwhelming. If you want to ease the process, here are six things to do before you
move out your old home and into your new one.

1. Deep Clean the Property 

While you might be busy packing up your home to move to a new address, you should set
time aside to deep clean the property. Much dirt will have accumulated over time, which is
why you should scrub the home from top to bottom before you leave. It is important to
remember there is a buyer, just like you, who is waiting to move into the property, so clean
your existing home as best as possible to help them have a smooth transition.

2. Forward Your Mail to Your New Home 

The next task at the top of your checklist should be to forward your mail, which will ensure it
reaches your new address on moving day and create a smoother transition. In addition to
changing your address at the post office, you should also notify any companies who provide
monthly or bi-monthly subscriptions, such as magazines.

3. Find the Best Movers 

The movers you choose will determine whether you have a smooth or stressful moving
experience. You must do your homework to source the best moving services. For example,
the reliable Suddath Moving Company can pack and transport your belongings before
unpacking the items at your new address. As a result, you can simply focus on making your
house a beautiful home once you arrive at the property.

4. Notify Utility Companies 

Next on your list should be to notify your utility companies of your moving in date. Call each
company to request they discontinue your existing service at your address on moving day.
Also, ask the companies to forward your final utility bill or their services to your new address,
which will ensure you have gas, electricity, and water once you relocate.

5. Cancel Your Existing Home Insurance Policy 

Most people need to arrange a home insurance policy before they have been accepted for a
mortgage. Yet you will still need to cancel your home insurance policy on your existing
address, so you will not pay for insurance on a property you no longer own – and you will not
pay for a bill that can eat away at your budget once you move home.

6. Organize Your Moving Boxes 

Once you have performed all the above tips, you should then focus on packing your moving
boxes. It is smart to do so a few weeks before the movers arrive, and you should even try to
arrange the boxes by room using color-codes, numbers or labels, so a mover can quickly
place each box into the right room. It can take away some of the pressure and stress of
moving, so you can enjoy the experience.

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