7 Link Challenge

Although Life With 4 Boys is a baby blog compared to some of the others out there, but when I saw the 7 Link Challenge over at ProBlogger, I thought it would be a wonderful way to bring back some of the posts that may have been overlooked in the beginning weeks of the blog. Stop on by ProBlogger and add a 7 Link Challenge post of your own. Feel free to leave a link in the comments section here so I can check out your post too!

1. My very first post on Life With 4 Boys was Hello and Welcome, how original lol.

2. The post I have enjoyed writing the most so far has been What My Weight Loss Journey Has Taught Me, because it lets me know how far I have come and how rewarding it will be when I reach my goal.

3. There was a lot of great discussion on How to Get Your Children to Help Around the House.

4. A post that I wish I had written is Movie, Music & Magic – My First Ever World Premier on the Red Carpet, because I so totally wish I had been there and Kimberly is a great writer.

5. I feel that some of my post helpful posts are the Work-At-Home Wednesday job leads.

6. This one was pretty hard, the post I feel has a name I am proud of would be Losing Your First Love For The Second Time I guess.

7. A post that I wish more people had read would be Oil Spill Clean Up – New Oil Absorbent Solution Video.

Well, there you have it, my fabulous 7 Link Challenge. If you are participating in the challenge, be sure to leave me a link to your post so I can go read it and then go check out the next 7 link challenge post on a mom blog.


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