A Look at Where We Will Be Camping This Summer

I have been obsessively planning our 50 day summer camping road trip lately. I figure if I plan, plan, plan, then everything will go smoothly right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong about one mom alone with four boys in a tent for 50 days? I have mapped out some truly beautiful locations across the country for us to visit and I am super excited for summer to get here! The locations below aren’t everywhere we are going, but it is a good sampling.

Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas
Great Salt Plains Oklahoma
White Sands National Monument New Mexico
Petrified Forest/ Painted Desert Arizona
The Grand Canyon
Arches National Park Utah
Mesa Verde Colorado
Devil’s Den State Park Arkansas

Have you been to any of these locations?


  1. I hope you get a chance to drive through Taos in New Mexico – it's really the prettiest part of their state. LOL We drove through on the way from ABQ to White Sands!

  2. I would be terrified to take that trip! I give you all the respect in the world! That's going to be one trip your boys remember for the rest of their lives!

  3. You are such a brave mama! That's fantastic that you are doing this – I could never do this on my own. I hope you have a great time. The places look beautiful that you are going to and your boys will always remember this trip.

  4. I've never been to any of them. Your children don't know what a fabulous mom they have in you, this is an experience that few get to have, and they'll be the better for it all their lives 🙂

  5. No, I have not been to any of the places you have pictured. You are one brave woman! I hope you all have an incredbile and safe journey.

  6. No. My hubby spent two nights at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when we first started dating. It sounds like so much fun, and you guys are visiting some gorgeous places. Can't wait to hear (and see the pics) all about it!

  7. What an awesome trip but I do have to consider your sanity when you are choosing to camp in ARIZONA in the summer! hahahahaha! Prepare to boil!

  8. Thanks ladies, I really think it is going to be a great trip. When I am doing stuff with the boys and they are getting to do new things, they behave really well, so I am relying on that.

    Jennifer, we are from Florida, the land of 100% humidity and over 100 degree temps in the summer. We are pretty used to heat. We camped out here last summer and as long as we can get comfy at night, we are good to go. Anything under 100% humidity will be a welcomed relief. 🙂

  9. Oh, how exciting! I've probably been to some of those places, but I don't remember. My family used to do a lot of traveling when I was a kid – great memories that will last a lifetime!

  10. You're officially the bravest mom I know, seriously! I can not wait to see photos from your trip and hear about every stop. You ROCK!!

  11. I am jealous. I bet you are going to have a blast and make lots of new memories!

  12. WOW! This looks like so much fun! I haven't been too any of those places but they looks like fun.
    I cant wait to see pictures of all the places you guys visit.

  13. Mesa Verde is a wonderful, intriguing place to visit. I am also a mom of 4 boys (15, 14, 12, 10) – I'm sure your boys will enjoy exploring this historical site as much as mine did when they were younger.

  14. Ok now after reading this if you can take 4 boys camping by yourself then I have no reason to take my 3 with my husband! lol

    And this sounds like so much fun! Out of those places I have been to the Grand Canyon, White Sands and Petrified Forest.

    All of our summer vacas were 2 weeks of road tripping and camping in the west! So much fun!

  15. LOL Definitely get out and have some fun with those boys! We actually had to cut the petrified forest from the list because there was somewhere else we wanted to go more, but we may still do a drive through on the way if there is time.

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