Advice For Encouraging Siblings To Get Along

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

As any parent with multiple children knows, sibling rivalry is something that is very real and can
cause complete mayhem at home. While sibling rivalry will never fully go away and can still exist
even in adulthood, there are ways that you can bring your children closer together and help them
to develop strong and important bonds. These are highly worth doing as there is nothing sweeter
as a parent than seeing your little ones getting along and being supportive. With this in mind, here
are a few ways that you can get your kids to become closer to one another.

Allow Personal Space/Interests 

As anyone with a sibling will remember, it can be infuriating when you are constantly exposed to
them and particularly after an argument. Ensure that each child has somewhere that they can
escape to for a little alone time where they can rest and recharge. Additionally, allow each child to
have their own independent interests instead of forcing them all to enjoy something. When they all
have the same hobbies, rivalries will increase and can become a problem.

Avoid Comparisons 

Comparisons are dangerous as they can lead to feelings of favoritism and insecurity. When either
praising or telling off, never compare behavior to a sibling and instead focus solely on that child.
Everyone is different, and so comparing them to one another is only going to grow insecurities and
an unwanted competitive nature.


Teamwork is one of the most effective ways to create strong bonds as they must work together to
achieve a shared goal. It can develop a range of valuable life skills, such as problem solving and
communication, plus they can also have some fun doing it and create happy memories. One of the
more fun ways to do this is at an Escape Room – these thrilling experiences encourage teamwork
to solve mysteries to escape an adventure. You can find them in your local area with a quick
search online, Escape Room in Pittsburgh, for example.

Do Not Force Sharing 

You often hear parents forcing their children to share toys, but this does not encourage healthy
behavior as it proves that you can get what you want simply by making a fuss. Instead, try allowing
each child to use the toy for an agreed period of time, and after that, the other child is allowed to
use it. You may find that they agree to share anyway, or the child with the toy will finish before the
agreed time and allow the other child to play.

Avoid Getting Involved in Disputes 

Kids argue, especially siblings. Instead of jumping in – which can make it feel like you are picking
sides – encourage them to settle the argument themselves. This can develop important life skills
while allowing them to figure out their differences. There may be times where adult intervention is
needed, though, such as if it turns physical or if cruel taunting is involved. When you do have to
intervene, avoid disciplining in front of others and try to discuss their behavior instead of shouting
at them.

Sibling rivalry is an inevitable part of being a parent to multiple children, but you can stop this
getting out of hand and encourage them to forge long-lasting bonds with the above steps.

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