Apparently I Look Like a Guy Or An Ellen and Dalai Lama Love Child

There have been these celebrity look alike collages going around Facebook lately. The other day I decided to give mine a try, but I should have known better. I mean, I know I am certainly no super model, but had no idea that I apparently look like a man. At least I know I am bringing “sexy back” since I am a 70%  face match for Justin Timberlake. Want to know what a child of Ellen and the Dalai Lama would look like? Yeah, that would be me. Check it out, I tell no lies. Get your own celebrity collage, but beware, you may look more like a man than you thought. Talk about a hit to my already fragile self esteem.


  1. Well according to their ultra high-tech face recognition program I do Penelope. 🙂

    Good luck Jenn! Everyone else I saw all looked like super models. Me, I get a bunch of guys LOL.

  2. Janeane Garofalo…well, I guess you both wear glasses? MyHeritage is fun, but so bizarre (and I always got Christina Ricci.)

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