Apple is Threatening to Take Over Our Home!

Not really, but almost all of my boys are asking for an iPad, iPod Touch etc. for Christmas. What is a mom to do? Don’t get me wrong, I love my now ancient original iPad, but goodness gracious, this is enough to bankrupt me. Of course, the boys understand that if they ask for a big expensive present, they can’t expect much else. One expensive present times 4 boys is a whole lot of money. I know that my 10 year old just wants and iPod Touch for the music downloads, so I am trying to point him in the direction of less pricey mp3 players, but I don’t think it is working.

Why am I shunning the almighty Apple? Well, quite frankly, one reason is cost. I know a ton of great music download sites, but none of them can transfer music to the iPod products, only iTunes can and it is a lot more expensive. Jordan is really interested in creating his own playlists and I have just learned how to use an mp3 cutter to make workout mixes so I am all for it too. He insists he can only do these types of things with an iPod Touch, but I think not.

So, what is your take? Does your child have a device other than an iPod Touch or iPad and love it? I know that we recently reviewed the Blackberry Playbook and that one is definitely used more by myself than the iPad, but some of the boys are still stuck on Apple. Help?


  1. We have a Playbook and a Kindle Fire HD. I love the Kindle for my 13 year old. It has great built in parental controls too. And at $200, it is a steal for a tablet. It is his music, reading, movie watching, sketch pad, Skyping with Grandpa tool 🙂

  2. Thanks Heather! I will look into the Kindle Fire. I know I heard a lot about it last year around Christmas time.

  3. My daughter is 8 and has been asking for an iPod but honestly I don't think she's ready for something so expensive so we won't be getting her that.

  4. My husband has an ipod, and my 20 year old has an iphone (at his cost). My 9 year old really wants an ipod for Christmas, and I think Santa will bring him one this year.

  5. My daughter has an iPod touch but we made her save her money for it. Same with the boys…if they want an iPod touch, iPad they will have to save their money for it.

  6. You can copy files over that you've downloaded from other places into iTunes! We do it all the time. I'll have my hubs draft up instructions of you like 🙂

  7. We're an Apple family. We own an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPod and my husband and I both have iPhones. I just LOVE apple!

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