Banzai Slide ‘N Splash Alligator Pool Review

For the last week or so, my children have been playing in a puddle of mud they made themselves in the back yard. While they are more than happy to crawl around like a bunch of swamp animals, I was not very thrilled with the prospect of cleaning them up or sacrificing my carpets everyday.

Yesterday I went to the store and purchased the older boys a large above ground pool, but my youngest one wanted a small pool with a slide. That is what brings us to my current review of the Banzai Slide ‘N Splash Alligator Pool. While it was not the cheapest option available, it was a good value for what it included and above all else, it made my son happy.

The Banzai Alligator Pool has two slides and a round inflatable pool. It is the perfect size for my four-year-old and would be equally good for children younger than that. The two slides are tied down to the bottom of the pool with the included ropes, which is a nice safety feature that keeps me from being concerned about him slipping and getting hurt. 

Did I mention how adorable this pool is? Also, since the big pool was not ready today, my 10 and 8 year old sons are now enjoying splashing around in the kiddie pool as well, so apparently it is atteractive to older children in a pinch. The slides are inflatable, but are very durable as my two oldest chidldren had to lie on top of them so that I could secure the ropes without the slide slipping around.

Overall, I am very impressed with this purchase and the company has a sprinkler ball that attches to your hose, which I am dieing to try out in the future as well. I paid $35 for this pool last night at Walmart, but if you would like to purchase this pool for your little cutie, I was able to find it for only $23.99 with free shipping at Toys R Us.


  1. Really cute, my three year old just walked by the computer when I pulled up your blog and said "mommy look at that I want one of those" LOL Now I will never hear the end of it =) At least I know you liked it! I will go check out Toys R Us.

  2. Yep Hannah, the boys played in it all day today and had a great time. For $24 and free shipping, you really can't beat it lol.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I really have to get a little pool like this for my daughter! Have a great Monday!

    Mama Hen

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