Beastly Monsters Make Learning More Fun!

Getting your kids interested in learning is so important at an early age, but it can also be so hard. Competing with other fun, but not so educational forms of entertainment means that educational games and apps are not always a child’s first choice. The ABC’s are perhaps the most important things a child will learn, they are the foundation for everything else from that point forward. Why not make learning them as fun as possible? My Beastly ABC’s does just that. They take a not so fun subject and turn it into hours of interactive play. Children love the beastly monsters so much, they don’t even realize they’re learning.

{The My Beastly ABC’s App}

The My Beastly ABC’s app is a fun and interactive app that walks children through pages of monster filled fun while teaching them those fundamentals. Each “page” holds a different beast such as the Lochness monster or Zombies that represent a different letter of the alphabet.

It isn’t just as simple as a different slide for each letter though. First, it is illustrated beautifully and you can choose narrated or non-narrated play. The narration is done by Jim Dale, the voice of the Harry Potter audio books and is fabulous. Some younger children would not care about the narration though and would rather go through the pages with the fun effects and pictures and no background story. Between the great narration, rhymes and funny themes throughout, this is definitely a must have app for little ones.

Worried about it being too scary? Don’t be. Just because it features beastly monsters doesn’t mean it is done in a scary way. In fact, it presents them in such a lighthearted and fun way, they it will likely encourage your children not to be afraid of monsters. Most monsters in the story are indeed fraidy cats themselves.

There are 39 total pages in the app and fun interactive games for children to play too, such as chase with will-o-the-wisps and ring toss with a unicorn. Going on a long trip, put the app on auto-play and let the little ones enjoy the show.

{Buy It}

You can purchase the My Beastly ABC’s app from the itunes store for only $3.99. Cheaper than a book at the store and way more fun. Even my youngest who is 7 and has known his ABC’s forever still loves to play this app and interact with the monsters. 



  1. Those are very cute! They actually remind me a bit of something I remember from my days in elementary school a million years ago ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think this would help my kindergarten son. He gets bored easily and tends to not want to pay attention then.

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

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