Bing in the Classroom – Putting Technology in the Classroom

Before I started homeschooling the boys, I noticed technology being used in the classroom more and more. In fact, one of my boy’s classes were slated to get tablets the following year. Bing in the Classroom is an initiative by the search engine to bring safe and secure technology to the classroom so kids’ desire to learn can thrive.

Bing in the Classroom Providing Safe Search and Technology in the Classroom

So how is Bing in the Classroom helping kids? At home, my boys and I use Bing for class related searches. This is because it is an ad-free safe search, where I don’t have to worry that they will run into inappropriate content by accident. When children do their work at school or at home, this ad-free search helps keep them safe.

Another way Bing in the Classroom is helping in a big way is by their Bing Rewards program. This program allows friends and family members to sign up for Bing Rewards , search using Bing, and earn rewards that can be used towards putting Surface Tablets in your child’s school. See how Bing in the Classroom works in the overview video below.

Bing in the Classroom also provides digital literacy lesson plans for teachers, helping them help students learn how to search safe, and learn through the power of technology.
How can you help? You can Show support for #adfreesearch! and Earn a Surface tablet for your school with Bing Rewards!

This post was created in partnership with Bing.


  1. I have never used Bing. I know my son had it on his computer as his search engine, but I myself.. just never used it.

  2. I'm with +Sheila Rae I have never used Bing. Actually never even heard of it before to be totally honest with you. Will have to take a second look and see what all the fuss is about. :0)

  3. This is great idea, anything that encourages the use of technology in the classroom, I say let's give it a try. I am a firm believer in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

  4. I noticed yesterday an increase visitors to my site using BING! I love this program and how it is putting technology into our children's hands!

  5. I love that they provide a safer search environment for our kids when they're not at home!

  6. Ad-Free, safe searching for kids is such a great idea. I love that this is a possibility for schools!

  7. It is amazing how much technology is in the classrooms these days. Its a good thing- but learning has certainly changed.

  8. I love that Bing is ad free and prevents kids from getting sidetracked and pulled off to sites they shouldn't be on.

  9. I wish my office had ad-free search, lol. I once accidentally opened something inappropriate with our company president right behind me. If it can happen to an adult that knows how to avoid it, I can't even imagine how much risk that poses to our kids.

  10. The whole ad-free thing really makes me like the program even more. It's just not a good idea to have the distraction of ads in schools.

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