Books in Barnes and Noble That Make You Say WTH?

Matt and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago on our date night and I guess I have never really looked around very closely. It turns out, there are some really weird things there. After the first few things, we started to make it a mission to see who could find a weirder book. I present to you some of the things we found at Barnes and Noble that make you want to say WTH?


  1. I have The Day My Butt Went Psycho, but I'm not even sure it was ever read! I just know I've seen it somewhere around here!

  2. I've seen that "Crack" one there. Now you gotta admit, you did laugh, right!?

    The "poo" one? Well, that's just weird! 🙂

  3. My boys would love those. They aren't reading them though. They can come up with enough rude humor without reading them!!!!

  4. and these books were published!?? Makes me question why I dont have a book out there! Apparently people will buy and read anything, lol.

  5. Oh my, these are hilarious! My uncle and great-grandfather used to love stuff like this. I think half of their Christmas gifts were gag gifts like that. So funny!

  6. We found the fart book this past week at B&N too. My 15 year old wanted to buy it. I wouldn't let her. It was $15.95 and all about farts. Um, no thanks!

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