Budget Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen/Tween Boys

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The day I thought would never come has finally arrived. My boys are growing up, and I find myself with one teenager in the house already, and three more right on the cusp of entering their teenage years. When did this happen? Never mind when it happened, the fact is, it did. They are so much harder to shop for now than they used to be. When they were little, you could throw any old thing in there and they would think it was great. Now, not so much. I find myself tempted to throw $50-$100 electronics in their stocking just because they’ll fit. It doesn’t have to be that expensive though, there are plenty of stocking stuffer ideas for teen/tween boys that won’t break Santa’s bank this year. Check the list below for some great ideas!

Movie Tickets

As boys get older I find you need to bribe them a bit to spend time with you. Two tickets to a newly released movie in their stocking can not only make a great stocking stuffer, but it can score you some one-on-one time with the little men in your life. Actually including tickets instead of a gift card makes it more personal, and ensures you’ll see a movie you both would enjoy watching.

Socks and Underwear

Okay okay, as much as we all hated getting these two items in our stocking, they are a timeless classic, and for good reason. Not only are the practical, but let’s face it, they take up a lot of dead space. Parents have been including socks and underwear in their children’s stockings forever and there is no reason to change that tradition now.

AXE® Body Care Products

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Have you ever stepped into a house with three teen/tween boys? Umm, let me just say that it can get pretty darn funky smelling up in here on a warm Florida day. If you find your young men needing a little help in the smell good department, pick up a three pack of AXE® Products at Sam’s Club and share them in the stockings of all the men in your life. Trust me, your nose will say thank-you and so will they!

Hobby Related Items

You know your child best, so this one should be simple. Look for small and inexpensive items that can fit a hobby they love. Are they into the outdoors? Then a pocket knife or headlamp would be a great fit. Is art their thing? Some new brushes or paint would be hit for sure. No matter what your child is into, look for items that fit that theme and throw them in the stocking too.

Candy and Snacks

Have yet to meet a teen/tween boy that could not eat like a horse. Including some of their favorite snacks or candy in the stocking is a perfect stuffer idea. My 11 year old always gets beef jerky in his, as he will do just about anything for the stuff.

Do you have a teen or tween boy to stuff a stocking for? What are some items that you will be including this year?


  1. I always do the sock thing and we usually by Axe for the boys it is their preferred brand of spray and other body products.

  2. I am so glad I saw this! I have four nephews that are teens and tweens, and I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get them!

  3. Thanks for the ideas. The teenagers are so hard to buy for. Like LIz above, my son always gets Axe and beef jerky too. LOL

  4. These are great suggestions! Although my son is still young, my tween daughter is becoming difficult to buy for.

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