Captain America: The Winter Soldier Pizza Party!

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With four boys in the house, I am no stranger to superheros of all shapes and sizes. Their favorites by far are the members of the Avengers, and Captain America in particular. When they found out there was going to be a Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they were thrilled! They were equally thrilled when I was offered the chance to test out some of the latest Captain America toys available at Walmart. Better yet, we were to throw a pizza party with our favorite Walmart Marketside frozen pizzas too. Toys and pizza? Those are music to a little boy’s ears. So, I whipped up a Captain America: The Winter Soldier pizza party to celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters and the release of Thor 2 on Blu Ray.

Captain America Pizza Party

The centerpiece of our food table was of course the gigantic Walmart Marketside pizza. They have awesome new pizzas with Captain America and Thor characters on them and a killer Vudu discount offer, but unfortunately, I was not able to find any of those in my stores yet. I did however find our tried and true super sized Philly Cheesesteak Marketside pizza. These things are huge, and more than enough to feed a bunch of hungry boys!

Other food items included a fruit and whipped cream tray made to look like Captain America’s shield, red, white and blue Jello cups, Avengers themed cupcakes from Walmart, Avenger’s themed candy, chips with red, white and blue ranch dip, and patriotic fruit kabobs. To drink, we had both red and blue Gatorade.

I stopped by the dollar store and picked up some great Avengers and Captain America themed fillers for the goody bags. They had a great variety of items to choose from. For entertainment, we played with the new Captain America toys available at Walmart, and watched Thor 2 for a little downtime.

New Captain America Toys!

We were sent four new Captain America toys to test out, and test them out we did. To say my boys are not easy on toys would be an understatement. There was very little assembly needed with any of the toys, and they were all basically ready to go right out of the box. My boys are more active and into outdoor play, so the shield and helmet were the biggest hits, but they really enjoyed them all.

Marvel Captain America Stealthfire Shield

This shield hooks around your child’s arm and has four easy load darts that can be loaded from the back when the shield is closed. You pull a lever to pop up the mechanism holding the darts, and squeeze the handle in the front to shoot the darts. It is all very intuitive.

Marvel Captain America Battle Helmet

My 10 year old claimed this right away and popped it on his head. It is adjustable so that it can fit a small child or even an adult. I may or may not have tried it on myself. When he put it on, I was surprised that in addition to shooting two small darts from the side of the helmet, it also glows up with red lights. Pretty cool, and it provides for a variety of creative play scenarios.

Marvel Captain America Shield Blast Motorcycle Vehicle

This turned out to be the least played with toy, but it still got plenty of use. I think it would be great for younger children especially. It comes with a smaller figure on a motorcycle that can be pushed along. In addition, it comes with three shields that can be shot from the side of the vehicle with the push of a button.

Marvel Legends Ultra Strike Captain America Figure

This Captain America figure is a lot of fun. He is very mobile, and has a shield that attaches to his arm. When you squeeze his legs together, he shoots the shield off of his arm. He also has a button to press that leads to him saying a variety of different sayings.

Walmart Captain America/Avengers Portal

Walmart has teamed up with Disney/Marvel to bring you everything a Captain America/Avengers lover could need all in one convenient place. This shopping portal, has access to the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, free downloads of awesome wallpapers, and easy shopping access to everything Avengers from books, toys, movies and items for the home!

Stop by and see the great deals available now, and maybe even plan a pizza party of your own!


  1. Ummm, I want my kids to be friends with your kids so we get invites to cool parties like this. Wow. You did an amazing job!

  2. This looks like such a fun party! I love all of the decorations and those jell-o cups look so good!

  3. i really like Walmart Pizzas. I make homemade on fridays but I've been known to skip it and pick up pizzas instead from walmart

  4. This is seriously one cool party!! WOW. Look at those decorations and yummy food!! Good job!

  5. We are definitely a Marvel family so all this Captain america stuff is right up our alley. What a great party, very patriotic!

  6. I love that food table for your Captain America party. Every thing is so festive and could also double for a 4th of July party in a few months!!

  7. What a fun party! Those toys look awesome, my son will go crazy when he sees those in stores.

  8. Great party! My son would love a Captain America Party. He already has some great toys for his birthday and just got the costume.

  9. It looks like you had a great time! Love the decorations and food, it all is so colorful!

  10. that is an awesome spread! great theme for a party too. and i love your entertainment center

  11. My son can't wait for this movie to come out. And you are definitely a cool mom for throwing this party!

  12. My son wants to see the movie but he's a bit old or the toys. 🙁
    Looks like a great party!

  13. This looks like a great time was had! Lots of fun snacks, friends, movie and fun! I bet his friends and your son loved this party! -April at Two Chic's Blog

  14. Looks like a fun party for sure!! I love the fruit try and dip that is so pretty!!! The theme is original and I love that!!!

  15. We love captain america. And…..the pizza what a cool new way to make pizza not boring, Awesome.

  16. My son is obsessed with Captain America, and the rest of us like him too 😉 I love your party ideas! I am pinning this for later -my son may want a Captain America birthday party this summer!

  17. Great ideas. I like the idea of a themed pizza party. I've got to get my kids that shield and hat, they love Cap.

  18. It looks like they had a great time! Captain American definitely makes a great birthday party theme!

  19. That looked like such a fun party! I love how the decorations and everything goes with the Captain America theme.

  20. Oh, what a super fun party!! I love all the fun foods and your guy looked like he had a blast with the toys!

  21. You did such an amazing job with all the party theme and decorations! I bet the boys enjoyed themselves!

  22. This looks like such a great party! I love all these pictures. I think you put on a great party.

  23. Those are some great ideas! I especially liked the jell-o cups! I'm going to have to try that philly cheesesteak pizza. I'd go get one now, but it's Friday…

  24. Love themed parties and you look like you pulled off a fantastic one! All of the food looks especially festive and delicious.

  25. That looks like it was a FUN party! Loving the new Captain America Toys too – just in time to head outdoors and play!

  26. Oh how fun! We did a movie themed party in our home for the Avengers and I made Captain America's Shield cupcakes. The kids really have fun and appreciate it when parents go all out for the things they are interested in and plan parties like this! I love the themed treats you made for them!

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