Chase Away the Winter Yucks with PediaCare Cold and Flu Care Products!

For weeks now, everyone in my house has been sick. From stuffy noses, to runny noses, to vomiting, to the now current bout of sore throats. As I type this, two of my boys are home from school and Jordan is getting a break from his homeschool work because he feels so lousy. The yucks are here and don’t want to leave. I thought they were almost over it and then it came back with a vengeance. Luckily, I have managed to avoid this round if sickness. The one shining light in all of this has been the PediaCare Cold and Flu Care products we received for review.

{PediaCare Cold and Flu Care Products}

PediaCare makes a wide range of cold and flu care products for children of all ages, starting as young as infants and going on up to age 11. They have a specific medicine for almost any combination of sickness you could think of. There is a cough congestion formula that just controls coughs, a cough and runny nose that also has acetaminophen, both a day and nighttime multi-symptom cold formula and even a Flu formula with acetaminophen as well. This is great, because you are able to give your child just what they need and not a bunch of other medications they don’t.

My favorite product are the new PediaCare Cold and Flu Hydration packs. Each box comes with 6 powder sticks that can be mixed with water for a hydrating grape drink that the kids don’t mind drinking. One of the hardest things for me to do is get the kids to drink enough when they are sick and these packs take the worry away when it comes to them getting dehydrated.

{Our Take}

We have probably used every single product in this basket over the course of these two weeks of sickness except the infant pain reliever. Each medicine did the job it was supposed to do at the time and we were able to switch tactics when each boy’s symptoms changed. Right now, as we speak, this is what my house looks like. They have sore throats, a fever and even a bit of a cough, we are currently using the couch and sore throat with acetaminophen formula to give them some relief.

I love that there are clear dosing instructions according to age and weight on the back of each bottle and that there are plenty of formulas so you can give the kids just what they need. I don’t like the idea of pumping the boys full of other medications that don’t really need just to get some that they do. PediaCare solves this problem.

{Win It}

Has your family been battling the yucks this winter too? One lucky Life With 4 Boys reader will receive an amazing basket full of PediaCare Cold and Flu Care products! This is a great stock of medicine to have on hand and will bring your child relief in any situation. You can enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. We have been using a log of decongestants because of my daughter's colds this season

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  2. ooooo I have to admit I have needed "nose" formulas for the kids, to relieve the stuffy nose at night so they could sleep!

  3. Weve been using saline drops because our son is too little for cold medicine, but growing by leaps and bounds

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