Create Family Memories and Win Big with #AlamoGames2Go Holiday Calendar

Probably, my favorite part of traveling is making life-long memories with my family. That was the big incentive for me behind our 50 day excursion this summer. I wanted to make those memories with the boys and make the summer count, before they are grown and gone! Alamo Rent-a-Car understands the importance of making memories too, and that is a big part of their Alamo Games 2 Go campaign and sweepstakes.

{About Alamo Games 2 Go}

Alamo Games 2 Go is a social games suite created by Alamo Rent-a-Car that allows you to capture great memories while traveling with your family, and share those memories through different social media channels! There are four games in all, Alamoding, SnapFamily, PixPursuit and Alamovie.

Why play these games? Glad you asked! Aside from documenting great family moments, you can also enter to win weekly prizes as well as a grand prize of $5,000 that you can use for a ‘vacation after your vacation.’ All you have to do is play any or all four of the travel themed Alamo Games 2 Go games each day of the week, and send your entry out through social media sites using the hashtag #AlamoGames2Go. Play all four games in a single day, and you earn a bonus entry too!

{#AlamoGames2Go Holiday Calendar}

Starting this week, Alamo Rent-a-Car is rolling out the Alamo Games 2 Go Holiday Calendar. For the next month, each day of the week Monday-Friday will be dedicated to a different themed holiday. The Alamo Games 2 Go games will follow the theme for that specific day, and you should use that theming in your photos, as a way to add a little extra fun. You can find a list of this weeks’ holidays as well as Alamo’s recommended car inspired themes you can use when playing the games below:

Monday: Middle Child’s Day – Middle Seat Day

Tuesday: Left Hander’s Day – Snacks in the Backseat Day

Wednesday: Creamsicle Day – Driveway Day

Thursday: Relaxation Day – Windshield Wipers Day

Friday: Tell a Joke Day – Fun in the Sun Day

Check out a few of my sample entries that follow today’s Middle Child’s Day with the car inspired theme of Middle Seat Day.


The goal of this game is to capture a shot of someone pretending to drive a car wherever you are. Since it is Middle Child’s Day, here is a photo of my two middle children Alamoding in the middle seats of our van!


In this game, you go on a photo scavenger hunt and get a photo of one of the items from the list on the game’s Facebook page. We chose pine needle from the list, so in keeping with the theme, here is one of my middle children making a mustache with a piece of pine needle in the middle seat of our van.


In SnapFamily, you take a photo of your family in front of one of the places on the list on the game’s Facebook page. I chose the “canyon” option and used a photo of all the boys in front of the Grand Canyon that we took on our summer trip.


For Alamovie, you just shoot a short video of candid moments that make great family travel memories and share them using Vine or other video apps.

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I was provided compensation for my time in writing this post, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Excellent games, love the idea of alamoding, this is something my kids always do anyway. Gonna try pixpursuit too ๐Ÿ™‚

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