DIY Halloween Framed Art

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When I was browsing around online the other day, I saw some great Halloween framed art on a website somewhere. Problem? It was so dang pricey. I had some spare frames lying around though and a printer, so I decided to make some myself. I am pretty happy with how they came out, although the glitter one definitely looks better in person. This DIY Halloween framed art literally cost me nothing because I already had the supplies, and only took a few minutes to complete.


Old frames
Foam Paintbrush
Glitter (optional)
Printer Paper

Step 1: Clean your old picture frames and remove the backing and glass.

Step 2: Apply one coat of paint in your chosen color to the frame. I do not worry about distressing my frames. For the most part, if you just do a single light coat of paint, it gets a distressed look on its own. For this, I did one frame in white and another in grey.

Step 3: When the paint is dry, add glue and glitter if you like or distress if needed.

Step 4: Visit a site like and search for free printable Halloween graphics. I searched for thinks like Raven, skull, etc. Print out the ones you want to use and put them in the frames.

Do you have any Halloween or Fall DIY projects in the works?


  1. I love those! I always buy Halloween decorations when they're on clearance after the holiday – well I used to. Now I have plenty LOL I love FREE even better!

  2. Mama, this is brilliant!!! I am so going to do something like this except I'll probably hit up Goodwill for some cheap frames. 🙂

  3. I've got a couple Halloween crafts I'm working on. It becomes quite the task when you have to remember to photograph each step for a tutorial.

  4. I have a few Christmas ideas on my brain already, I need that much time to think ahead LOL. I like the raven one you made it's actually not so Halloween-ish that you couldn't have it out everyday.

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