Do Your Kids Know How to Play Go Fish?

Yeah, I know. You are probably wondering what kind of silly question is that, but I promise I have a point. Let me start off by saying that we are not a huge video game family. My boys do own electronics, but their time on them is severely limited during school time and slightly less limited in the summer months. That being said, when we were at my mom’s the other day and the boys broke out the playing cards and were asking me for instructions on how to play Go Fish, I had to sit and wonder how different childhood is in this technology filled world than it was when I was young.

When I was growing up, we had an awesome Atari. I loved Frogger and Pitfall, but I didn’t spend my entire day playing it. I played with my imagination and ran around outside for hours with my friends. Now, it seems the world is so technology focused that children are losing the ability to do these things and old classics like a Go Fish card game are quickly disappearing.

Don’t get me wrong. My boys love board games and they are kicked outside to play quite often, but what would happen if I did not limit their exposure to technology and allowed it to run rampant? What are children learning from these video games and Internet searches that they perhaps shouldn’t be at such a young age? Is it things like that that have led to episodes like the bullied bus monitor incident? All I know is that sitting there giving a refresher course in how to play Go Fish was something I had never contemplated having to do.

So, do your kids know how to play Go Fish and what are your thoughts on the emphasis on technology and being “plugged in” for today’s children?


  1. My son loves Go Fish. We play a lot of board games, too. He does have his tech toys, as well. 🙂 I'm old, when I was a kid there really was no high-tech toys/gadgets.

  2. We haven't played many card games lately or board games, but we used to play all the time. We are a huge gaming family though. I like all kinds of games, I have to bribe Richard to play board games, lol.

  3. No, my children do not know how to play Go Fish. They spend their fair share of time on electronic devices, but they also like using their imagination with imaginative play.

  4. My parents didn't know a thing about computers, but bought me one as a child…I ran across so many things that I shouldn't have! Luckily I had a good foundation to know what I should and shouldn't be looking at. All that to say, we're definitely going to be having the computer in the family room with my daughter!

  5. We have screen time limits, and my kids love board games, though they are only 3 and 4. I have yet to teach them go fish because my daughter isn't nice to cards. LOL.

  6. They love War Colleen and have known how to play that for a long time. I have some that love the outdoors and others that don't.

    It isn't that they spend that long on technology toys, it just struck me at how different childhood is today than it used to be when they were asking for a Go Fish refresher course the other day.

  7. PITFALL!!!!!!! Omgosh bring bag the memories. My kids play GO FIsh but the make up their own rules

  8. I used to play Go Fish with my Nana when I was a child. Used to be my favorite game.

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