Donate to the Salvation Army and Share Your #RedKettleReason for Giving!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central for The Salvation Army. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Once upon a time many years ago there was a mom of three young boys who couldn’t afford to give her children the wonderful Christmas they dreamed of. This continued for many years until the young mother was able to get out of an abusive relationship and back on her feet. During these times of hardship, some heroes emerged to help bring some light to her otherwise dark world in the form of help during the holidays. That young woman was me before my youngest son was born, and if it weren’t for organizations like the Salvation Army and their Red Kettle Program, there would have been times that myself and my children would have gone without.

Fast forward to now, and I am an adamant supporter of giving of not only your money, but your time as well. Each year the boys and I choose children off the Salvation Army Angel Tree to purchase presents for, and tomorrow, I am headed off to volunteer at Toys for Tots with my oldest son. By setting a good example and teaching them the importance of giving, I hope to raise children who then grow up to spread good will and giving as they get older.

About the Salvation Army

Established in London 1865, the Salvation Army has been helping people across the world for 150 years, and in the United states for 130. In 2013, the Salvation Army’s 3,600 officers, 59,000 employees and 3.4 million volunteers served nearly 30 million Americans in need. They help people in need regardless of sex, ethnicity or religion, a lesson we all can learn from.

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Program

Photo from the Library of Congress

First started by Captain McFee in 1891 with one loan kettle set up at the Oakland Ferry Landing at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco, the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle program has evolved into a worldwide campaign with kettles now being found online and as far away as China. The funds gained through the donation to the Red Kettle around the world help provide the fund to serve over 30 million people in communities worldwide throughout the year.

Share your #RedKettleReason for Giving 

This year, as part of the Salvation Army’s 124th National Red Kettle Campaign, everyone who gives is being encouraged to share their reason for giving on social media using the #RedKettleReason hashtag. When you donate and post using the hashtag, you can visit to view your post and those of others to see the reason why others across America are giving!

This years Red Kettle Campaign officially launched on Thanksgiving Day, with a halftime show performance by Pit Bull at the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles game. This marked the 5th year of the Salvation Army’s musical partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, and since then, the Red Kettle programs have raised more than $1.8 billion that has been donated to programs in over 5,000 communities nationwide.

Donate Now! 

One third of the season’s donations occur during the last two days of the year, so there is still time to donate and announce your #RedKettleReason for giving online. Share with the world why you are dedicated to giving and helping those in need this holiday season! You can share your reason and even donate online today at


  1. I feel that no one should go hungry! That is my red kettle reason! Happy Holidays!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. I was recently out shopping with my kids and when I passed a red kettle I tossed some money in without thinking. My son, now 7, asked why I did it. He'd seen me do it before, but it just occurred to him to ask why. It was a great opportunity to explain the red kettle to my kids.

  3. My Red Kettle Reason is because they helped my family out one Christmas when I was little. I have never forgotten that and I always give back to the red kettles every holiday season!

  4. I just read a post where someone volunteered for two 4-hr shift for the Salvation Army…feeding those who came a pre-Christmas dinner. It was a very heartwarming post, and kudos to the organization for being so amazing.

  5. I do what I can for others and always have. I do give to the kettle when ever I have change. Sometimes I forget to get cash back and the checkout or swing by an ATM.

  6. There is a street that is lined with Christmas decorations and they have a kettle for donations. My kids love putting money in the kettle although they are not sure what it is for.

  7. What an amazing history lesson on the Salvation Army red bucket campaign. I had no clue that Captain McFee in 1891created this organization. We always drop $ in the buckets. It is a great cause.

  8. This year my kids set aside money to donate in the Red Kettle. It was heartwarming to heard about the work they do on a recent visit to one of their offices.

  9. I donate almost everytime I walk by the Kettle. It is the right thing to do, and the Salvation Army really does help so many people with their needs.

  10. the Salvation Army helps out so many. We try and give each time we pass by a red bucket. My son likes to bring his change from his piggy bank to give each year

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