The Doughnut Burger and Other Weird Fair Foods

A doughnut burger! Get your breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one unhealthy morsel!

We went to the North Florida fair last night and everyone had a blast. My night mostly consisted of following the two oldest boys around to ride the bigger rides, while Matt took the younger two to ride the kiddie rides. Since I am in my two week wait for surrogacy, I decided it would be best if I didn’t ride anything. So, I had plenty of time to glance around at the signs and sites while the boys were riding. It was then that I discovered the world of weird fair foods. Maybe these things have always been around, but I never had time to looks before? Check out these crazy concoctions!

These were not even pickle slices. We are talking whole deep fried pickles here people. Can you image what would happen when a pickles sucks up all that grease?

Do you really want to eat something that has the word garbage in its name? I have no idea what was on these, but it would have cost you a pretty penny to find out.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t as weird as some of the others, but it is definitely different. Let’s just hope this is one food that doesn’t bite back.

Deep fried butter? How do you even do that? Even if you could deep fry it without it melting, would you live through the first bite without having a heart attack and let’s not even discuss deep fried bacon. Is this a rush to see who can keel over first?

First the sign made me giggle, because I am just silly like that. Then, I really wanted to know what these were. Answer? They are deep fried balls of dough about the size of a soft ball that are topped with pretty much anything you can think of, fruit, spices, pudding, whipped cream, etc.

At the fair, you can pretty much get anything covered in chocolate and deep fried. This is just part of a sign that had every candy bar and snack cake known to man advertised as being covered in chocolate and deep fried, as well as the chocolate covered bacon.

What weird fair foods have you come across?


  1. The doughnut burger almost made me throw up, in my mouth, a little. However, I adore fried pickles!!! Interesting post…some of these I had not heard of…and will not be trying 🙂

  2. I have been wanting to try chocolate covered bacon!! I just love all things bacon. I have heard about the deep fried butter, but I don't think I would try that.

  3. I watch the food guy and I swear that DOnut burger looks like it would be awesome INFACT now I'm thinking about it and wnat one

  4. I'm gagging at the Fat Balls! At the Minnesota State Fair they have everything you can imagine. Even Spam on a stick!

  5. The deep fried butter is probably frozen first. That's how they did deep fried cheesecake (which is quite good).

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