Earn While You Lose – 4 Programs That Reward You For Exercising

Well. the pregnancy is over and although I have been lucky enough to drop 20 pounds when I only gained 14, I still have a long way to go to meet my weight loss goal. As I prepare to get back in shape, I have put together a list of awesome programs that can help reach that goal. Not only can they help you lose weight, but they also reward you for doing so. Each of these programs has a reward system built in to give you a little extra push, and some even make you pay when you skip a workout too. I still have a few weeks before I can get back to working out, but if you are looking to lose weight, definitely check out these fun programs.


GymPact is an app that rewards you for making it to the gym and penalizes you when you skip a day or more. How does it work? You sign up for this iPhone app and then list the number of days you want to work out each week and the monetary value you want to assign to each day. You then prove that you are working out by checking in at your gym, while the phone uses the GPS coordinates to verify your location. If you skip a day, you have to pay up. However, if you reach your goal and stick to your workouts, the money from the slackers is divided up between those who stuck to their routine and you earn for your hard work.


This website allows you to sync up your weight loss device such as a FitBit and tracks your exercise. It can also link up with a wide range of social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. From there, each time you workout you will earn points. These points can be redeemed on the EarnedIt site for rewards from coupons to gift cards. You can also keep track of your name on the leader board and work your way to the top!


Like video games? Then this is the app for you. Nexercise is an app that has a definitely video game appeal. It tracks your exercise and allows you to earn XP bonuses and points for activity. You can earn badges for your efforts and also real rewards too. The app is free and only $2.99 if you wish to remove ads.


Switch2Health is a website that allows you to login and keep track of your daily activities. Right now, you have to have one of their devices to track your progress, but they are considering syncing with other devices in the future. You can earn real rewards for working out, including gift cards and discounts from popular retail stores.

Know of any other fun weight loss apps or programs? Feel free to share them below!


  1. sparkpeople.com is a great website… Free. You can enter your food and it will tally your calories, fat, and so forth. They also have several exercise videos and you can track your exercise there as well. There are several groups you can join to help give you support.

  2. Oh I need to bookmark this I love to track things like this. Of course I need to get back to exercising first.

  3. Thank you for sharing these awesome sites. I work out 4-5x per week so this is wonderful to know!

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