Elli and Nooli Padi Blanket Review

Disclosure: I received  the featured product in exchange for an honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.

School started this week in Oregon. Now I have to bundle all the kids up to send my oldest off to the bus for Kindergarten. Surprisingly, the weather is already getting cooler. My older children have their coats and hats, but that leaves a bigger dilemma for the baby.

My youngest son is 2 months old and has a talent for kicking off blankets. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my oldest two without having to stop to pick a blanket off the ground every few minutes. The weather is still too warm for buntings or snow suits, I just needed something to cover him up and keep him warm enough.

I was sent the Elli and Nooli Padi Blanket to review and it came at the perfect time. It is a clever little stroller or car seat wrap that won’t fall off. Made of certified organic cotton pique fabric it insulates, breathes and is gentle on sensitive baby skin. Sounds perfect, right?

It has 3 openings to accommodate any car seat or stroller straps. I like the fact that I can leave it in my son’s newborn car seat or stroller and it is ready to go, unlike a blanket that I would need to keep adjusting. No matter how he pulls or wiggles, the blanket is going to stay put.

The design allows me to buckle my son into his seat as usual and doesn’t interfere with the harness at all. Then I can wrap the side wings around him and pull up the bottom piece. There is enough material to tuck in around him for a snug fit, or leave loser to give him more freedom of movement.

The embroidered baby feet on the bottom is a cute touch.

This has been perfect for our morning walks in the stroller, but he still works on getting his hands free.

Overall I was very happy with the Elli and Nooli Padi Blanket and would gift these to friends or family expecting a baby. My son has very fair and sensitive skin (see the red hair?) and the material was very gentle on him. The only issue I found with the blanket was after laundering there were loose threads around the strap holes. It was purely aesthetic though, the seams are stitched well but the excess material frayed making it look messy. All of the outer seams though are finished with colored trim so the raw edges do not show.

You can purchase your own Padi Blanket on Amazon.com. The 100% organic Padi stroller blankets come in beige with your choice of aqua trim (like I received) or orange trim.

Connect with Elli and Nooli on Twitter: @ElliandNooli

or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elliandnooli


  1. What a great way to keep them bundled and cozy while still being safe in their seat. Although we don't live anywhere too cold, each of my kids loved to be swaddled, so this would have been great!

  2. My daughter is a teenager but I couldn't resist not commenting because your little man is so darn cute! Those eyes, I die.
    And the blanket is genius. I remember thinking back when my daughter was a baby why they didn't have something like this out.

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