Exercise or a New Form of Child Abuse?

Today on one of the forums I frequent, there was a post about a video. The video, which is the same that you will find within this post, is a video of some type of new “swinging yoga” for babies. The video shows a woman throwing around a baby that is probably less than six months old.

As the video progresses, the woman continues to throw him, toss him, swinging him by the arms and legs and repeatedly bouncing him upside down and twisting him in a rough manner. This video is very hard to watch if you are a mother, so I caution you before you click play.

I cannot possibly imagine that this is good for a baby, let alone healthy. It seems to me that it could easily lead to dislocated joints, broken bones and even shaken baby syndrome. I consider myself a fairly open minded person, but this is absolutely crazy!

What do you think? Exercise or just a new form of child abuse?


  1. This is unbelievable and very scary. I had to stop watching it bothered me. There is no way!!

    Laura F.

  2. Thanks for weighing in ladies. After several attempts, I finally made it to the end of the video. I am still totally in awe that anyone could do this to a baby and it sickens me to think that other women would possibly follow suit and take up this crazy practice as well. It is nothing short of infuriating!

  3. I couldn't watch it all, my stomach was in knots. OMG! That poor child. I was wondering when she was going to rip a limb off. That is definitely not exercise, I don't even have a term for it!

  4. wow. i feel that is risky in SO many ways. and how is it necessary?? there are plenty of other ways for adults to exercise and for babies to do some safe yoga type exercises without the danger that this baby is put in over and over again. gross.


  5. I saw this last night on TV and I had to look away. It's disgusting. I am a VERY opened minded person and do my best not to judge others. Too each their own, but this is sick. I feel this is definitely child abuse. I can not see in any way how this is necessary or safe in any way shape or form for the child. I hope that someone who knows who this woman gets the proper authorities involved!!!

  6. Ok, I'd like to amend my previous comment. After posting on this site, I did some research. I am finding online something that says this is a faked video. It does not make it any less disturbing, but it is believed that at the beginning it is in fact a real baby, but then replaced with a rubber or silicone baby. This makes me feel better about it, but I'm still disturbed looking at it…

  7. Erin, I read that too, but there are several places throughout the video where I see the babies arms or face changing. Especially in the part where she holds him still and makes him do sit-ups and then bends him down from the waist.

    I truly hope it is a baby doll, but there have been other videos of women doing this as well, in which the babies were not fake and my fear is that others will do it thinking it is good for the baby. Although I don't know how any sane person would think that.

    Real or not, you have to be sick in the head to even fake something like this to that extent.

  8. What if her hand slips off. Often she only has one hand on her baby at a time. This is truly frightening. This should be reported to authorities. Does she live her in the U.S.?

  9. I went to http://kenguru3.narod.ru/ etc. that you can see in the video and this is not an American site. Unfortunately we will probably not be able to do anything about it, but hopefully some authority in that country will be able to do something to protect this child and educate the mother that this is not the best activity for the babies joints, or unsupported neck.

  10. No, I believe it was shot in Russia. If had been in the United States, I am sure someone would have tracked her down by now.

  11. I didn't even watch it here Kathleen as I had seen it before on one of my other friend's blogs and I was sickened. Just as I said on that blog, it is pure and simple child abuse.
    My pediatrician clearly told me NOT to even lift my kids by their hands so as not to dislocate their shoulders, I cannot imagine the type of damage this could do to a child.

  12. I watched..30 seconds? I can't watch any more. After she started flipping the child around her back like a guitar, I was done. That "exercise" is completely unnecessary and cruel. There are better ways to strengthen a baby's arms, legs, chest, and abdominal muscles. Actually, I should just say there are safer ways to do it.

  13. Geez! I couldnt watch it! I just couldnt get through it! It just would never enter my mind – a baby that young, I'm ususally still just doing massages & daily stretching! I'm open minded too but it wouldnt occur to me to do that with such a lil' lovie! Yikes!

  14. I watched this the other day and i wanted to THROW UP. It was so disgusting. I'm just not sure what to think. That baby must have been scared out of her wits.

  15. When this was first posted, I tried to watch it, but honestly couldn't get through it. I was horrified and I do believe it's a form of child abuse.

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